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Perspective Change: Taking A Vacation From Migraines

It’s a rare moment that I forget I’m living with migraines. They’re as much a part of me as my elbows or my love for Chris Pine. If I’m not suffering through one, then I’m checking in with my body to assess my pain level. I need know if I’m up to an epic Lego date with my 5-year-old or a date night with my hubby. Living with migraines can be exhausting, even when I’m not having one. This is why I’d love to be able to take a vacation from my head.

Needing a break from migraine

Bright sun, overheating, and drinks with tiny paper umbrellas are all major migraine triggers for me, so taking my head on a beach vacation is a no-go. I wasn’t sure if it was possible to take a little “migraine break” since my head and I are kind of inseparable, but then I realized (in a way) I already was taking one.

Connecting with others on social media

Social media can be utilized for many fun and helpful reasons: to connect with friends, to develop support communities, or to post pictures of kittens in teacups. I use Facebook to forget about pain levels and a brain that will unexpectedly decide to deep fry itself. I love scrolling though my Facebook feed (not while I'm having a migraine), catching up on friends’ activities, and looking for pictures of Chris Pine.

Taking a break from the heartbreak of migraine

I’ve kept this platform a virtually migraine-free environment. Sure, there have been occasions I’ve posted about a challenging migraine run, because I know this network is a wonderful way for friends to support one another. Some days I need a glimmer of hope, but this is exactly the reason I limit talking about my chronic condition on my personal page.

The posts I write or pictures I display are my life between migraines. Dealing with chronic daily pain and that deep frying brain can quickly send me to a place of hopelessness. The bad days pile up faster than the good ones, and I worry that I’ll never truly get a vacation from my migraines. It’s easy for me to start down a slippery slope of “what ifs.” These unanswerable questions always start with, “What if my migraines never stop? What if I’m always in pain?” This line of questioning inevitably leads to heartbreak.

My mini-breaks give me hope

I need a space to go where I can take a break from thinking about pain and remember who I am deep in my core. My migraines may be a part of me, but I don’t always have to be a part of my migraines. I can look at pictures of myself on a migraine-free day, and remember with gratitude what it felt like to share that ice cream with my kid. I see a happy, vibrant woman, and I don’t often remember (probably because of the Topamax) that it took me an abortive med to get there.

My Facebook mini-breaks give me hope, and I’ll take a little hope vacay any day.

Along with some pictures of Chris Pine.

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