Weighted Blankets - Are they Worth the Hype?

I'll spare you the long version: YES. I received one as a gift I registered for on an Amazon Wish List and I can hardly tell you how much it's changed my day to day routine. It truly is like a big hug and it has helped me with chronic pain. I lie on my stomach and put it on my back and vice versa.

Helping with anxiety

Weighted blankets can range from $100-$300 and can be found on many different sites (especially Instagram ads) like Amazon and Etsy. There are also tutorials online on how to make your own if you're able to sew well and have patience! I do understand that cost is an issue, but they are worth the expense of helping with anxiety, depression, chronic pain and acute pain. I wish I had this blanket when I was first diagnosed with Complex Migraine. I look at this like it's a part of my routine medicine regimen now. When I feel anxiety, I let it sit on my lap or lay on my belly and lay it on my back. I immediately feel stress go away. And in part, the weight makes me "stay in place" for a certain period of time since it acts almost as a restraint. It makes me think "No, you're not ready to get up yet, you need to rest a little longer, take a few more deep breaths".

Consider the weight options

I will warn you that they can be very heavy and the blanket I got came with a warning to not carry it too long as it's not good for your muscles and back - it's not meant to be carried above your head. I did need someone else to help me tie and assemble the blanket, as I had just gotten out of the hospital and was quite weak, so carrying the blanket itself was difficult for me at first. Like I mentioned, you can have your choice of any weighted fill, but most companies offer between 10 - 25 pounds.

Small assembly required

Mine came with a duvet cover, so a little bit of assembly was involved, just tying the corners to make sure that the weight was evenly distributed and then I turned it inside out and zipped it and BAM! it was ready to use in 15 minutes. It tucks away nice and easy and looks nice folded up in a wicker basket in my bedroom or living room.

No, weighted blankets nor anxiety is just a "Millenial thing". Many people are using them and they are becoming increasingly popular, with many companies starting up projects to have them made. If you know someone that can make you one, I suggest that, as I'm all for the small business support, but I also love my manufactured one that I received. I wish I would have asked for it years ago. I've worked in environments for children and adults with developmental disabilities in different sensory environments and this was used in each of those cases. Why didn't I make the correlation to try one sooner?! The next migraine that comes my way, I'll be prepared and tucked under a beautiful soft heavy weighted blanket! I'm ready for you!

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