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When trying to manage the various aspects of chronic migraine, many individuals struggle with getting medications while being uninsured or underinsured. Due to modern technology and a surge in telemedicine, new services have become available to this group of individuals afflicted with chronic migraine. One of these services is called Cove. They provide medications that help with migraine without dealing with insurance. This is a major help for people who do not have insurance coverage.

Using Cove for migraine

When you create an account with them, you go through a questionnaire. This questionnaire asks about your migraine treatment history. This provides their doctors with the necessary background information to assist you. They have a messaging system that allows you and the doctor to speak to one another. When a treatment plan is agreed upon, you will be charged a doctor fee of $4. Every month your chosen medications will ship to you, after your account is charged for the medication and the doctor fee. You can message the doctors at any time through the messaging section of the website.

Migraine medications available on Cove

They offer a large variety of medications in different classifications.

Acute medications for migraine

They offer a variety of acute medications, also known as abortive medications. The acute medications available include:

  • Rizatriptan, brand name Maxalt, in both pill and dissolvable formulation
  • Sumatriptan, brand name Imitrex
  • Eletriptan, brand name Relpax
  • Naratriptan, brand name Amerge
  • Zolmitriptan, brand name Zomig
  • Migraine relief, brand name Excedrin

Preventive medications for migraine

They also offer medications that are commonly used by neurologists as preventive medications. These are given to patients in hope of reducing the frequency of migraines, instead of stopping the migraine once it starts. These medications were originally intended to treat a different condition but have been used to prevent migraines in what is known as off-label use. The available preventative medications include:

  • Amitriptylene, brand name Elavil, originally an antidepressant
  • Topiramate, brand name Topamax, originally for nerve pain and anticonvulsant
  • Proranolol, brand name Inderal, originally a beta-blocker
  • Metoprolol, brand name Lopressor, originally a beta-blocker
  • Nortriptyline, brand name Pamelor, originally an antidepressant

Anti-nausea medications

An additional group of medications that they offer is anti-nausea medications. These are used to help prevent nausea and vomiting during a migraine. Some people are affected by nausea more than others. The anti-nausea medications available through Cove include:

  • Ondansetron, brand name Zofran
  • Ondansetron ODT, brand name Zofran in a dissolvable formula
  • Metoclopramide, originally Reglan

Supplements for migraine

Cove also has a small offering of dietary supplements. Theses supplements are offered because some individuals have had success with them reducing their migraines. The supplements that are available include

  • Riboflavin
  • Coenzyme Q10
  • Magnesium

Cove's migraine tracker

There is a migraine tracker available when you are logged into your account. You are not required to use the migraine tracker, but it is handy. The tracker looks at when your migraine started and ended, if you took the acute medication, how effective the medication was and if you had side effects from it, along with what you feel like triggered the migraine. If you use the tracker, it will provide a summary of how many migraines you had over the last 30 days.

My personal experience with Cove

Honestly, I was not too sure what to expect when I started looking into Cove. I was concerned the medications would be very expensive seeing as the acute medications are expensive without insurance. Surprisingly enough the acute medications range from $7 to $40 a month. This is cheaper than some individual’s copays with insurance. They also offer a 50% off deal for the first month. This encouraged me to give them a try. I have continued to use Cove beyond the initial month. It does make me feel a little less stressed knowing that every month the acute medication that I use will be shipped to my house.

Will you or have you tried Cove?

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