Migraine, You Can’t Scare Me

I’ve seen what you can do, the destruction you leave in your wake. As if the physical pain and misery weren’t enough, you pile on hallucinations and other strange symptoms that make me and my friends question our sanity. You break up families, kill friendships, destroy careers, and made us think we are all alone.

You lied. We are not alone. Millions understand exactly what you put us through. They have discovered that you've been lying to them, too. You can't bring us down this time. We're an army that’s 38 million strong and we’re tired of you pushing us around.

So listen up, migraine, because I have a message for you.

You’ve put me through hell, but I’m still here. So go ahead. Do your worst. There’s nothing you can do that I can’t handle.

You say there's no hope, but I know you've been lying.

You thought you could force me into darkness, but I've got a pair of tinted glasses that let me walk in the light.

You thought that pounding my head will stop me from living life, but I've got wearable ice packs that let me face the world in comfort.

You thought you could drive me away with loud noises, but I discovered noise-cancelling headphones and silicone earplugs instead.

You thought you could poison me with noxious odors, but I have a jar of Vicks that protects me from your stinkiest fumes.You thought you could lock me up, far away from people who care, but I've got a laptop with a wi-fi connection that lets me keep in touch even during the worst of your attacks.You thought you could chase away all my friends, but you actually helped me discover my true friends.You tried to intimidate me with doctors who thought I was a drug-seeking addict or just one more “hysterical” woman, but all you really did was show me which doctors could be trusted and which ones deserved vomit on their shoes.You thought you could outwit every new treatment, but my doctor has lots of ideas and we are determined to outsmart you.You thought you destroyed my career, but instead you helped me discover what I was truly meant to do.You thought public humiliation would break me, but all it really did was show me how strong I really am.You thought you could shame me into silence with trolls who poke fun my suffering, but all that did was piss me off.When I get angry, that’s when I fight back.Every time you say I can't, I will find a way to say, "I can!"Every time to knock me down, I will find a way to get back up.The harder you hit me, the harder I will hit you. I’m not going down. You can’t shut me up or hide me away. I am sick of your lies. Every monster meets his end at the hands of a little guy who wouldn’t back down. You may be Goliath, but I am David and you are going down.This means war!

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