Migraine and Pinched Nerve

Reviewed by: HU Medical Review Board | Last review date: November 2010 | Last updated: May 2020

The migraine with aura symptoms of numbness and tingling and the sensations of pins and needles are similar to the symptoms of a pinched nerve. Many people describe it as if their arm or foot has “fallen asleep.”

Other symptoms of a pinched nerve include a sharp or burning pain in the area or muscle weakness or twitching. A nerve can become pinched in any part of the body and it happens when too much pressure is applied directly to the nerve by the tissue, bones, muscles or tendons around it.

Sometimes a pinched nerve gets better on its own with rest. Other times a splint or brace can be worn to keep the area still while the area heals.

Physical therapy may help strengthen and/or stretch the muscles around the pinched nerve. In severe cases that don’t respond to rest and physical therapy, surgery may be needed to take the pressure off of the nerve.

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