Migraine Meter

The Migraine Meter is your journal for recording your migraine symptoms, potential triggers, the treatments you’ve taken and how well they worked.

The migraine journal will enable you to save all your migraine headache information for as long as you need it. Your migraine journal information gets automatically saved and is available also available on the go with the Migraine Meter App for iPhone. So that you can get access to your migraine information whenever at home or on the go.

The migraine journal latest feature enable you to get a Migraine Report of your migraine headaches. You can decide to either email that report to your healthcare professional team or simply print it for your next doctor appointment. The migraine report also features key information for migraine headaches specialist need to know such as your current migraine treatment, the average severity of your migraines as well as some other relevant information about your migraines and overall health.