Amerge Dosage

Amerge Dosage overview

Doses of Amerge work differently in different people. The dose should therefore be made on an individual basis, weighing the possible benefit of a higher dose with possible side effect risks.

By keeping a migraine journal of what doses you are taking when you experience a migraine, you can be better prepared to discuss with your doctor how well Amerge is working for you.


Amerge Dosage – Tablets

Amerge is available in tablet form in single doses of 1 or 2.5 mg. This medication is taken with a liquid such as water. Amerge appears to dissolve slower in the body and to relieve migraine symptoms more slowly than other triptans. It also may be less effective at first.

Sometimes a single dose may be enough to control your headache. However, if the headache returns or you still have migraine symptoms after the first dose, you may take a second dose after 4 hours. In studies of Amerge, more patients experienced headache relief following a 2.5 mg dose than a 1 mg dose.

Do not take more than 5 mg of Amerge in a 24-hour period. Note: There is evidence that 5 mg of Amerge does not provide greater relief than 2.5 mg does. The safety of using Amerge to treat more than 4 headaches in a 30-day period has not been established.

Amerge Dose if you have kidney/liver problems
Amerge may cause problems if you have decreased liver or kidney function. If you have mild to moderate problems with your kidneys and/or liver, your doctor should start you on a lower dose of Amerge. Also, you should not take more than 2.5 mg of Amerge within a 24-hour period.

Amerge Use in Children

Amerge is not recommended for patients under the age of 18. The safety and effectiveness of Amerge tablets in patients under 18 years of age have not been established.


Amerge Use in Elderly Patients

Amerge is not recommended for elderly patients. This is due to the fact that elderly patients may have reduced kidney or liver function, are at higher risk for coronary artery disease and increased blood pressure.

Learn more about Amerge and the potential benefits and risks by visiting the precautions and warnings section.

Written by: Otesa Miles | Last review date: November 2010
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