Depakote ER Dosage

Depakote ER Dosage Overview

Doses of Depakote ER work differently in different people. The dose should therefore be made on an individual basis, weighing the possible benefit of a higher dose with possible side effect risks.

By keeping a migraine jounral of what doses you (or your loved one, if you are a caregiver) are taking when symptoms are experienced, you can be prepared to discuss how well Depakote ER is working during your visits to the doctor.

Depakote ER Dosing for Seizure Disorders

The dose of Depakote ER must be tailored to your body’s individual needs while not exceeding the maximum daily doses. In children, specific Depakote ER dosages depend upon the child’s weight in kilograms. This is why Depakote ER dosages for children are listed as mg/kg (or milligrams of Depakote ER per kilogram of body weight). For patients who are already taking another seizure medication, specific starting and maintenance dosages of Depakote ER will depend on what seizure medication they are taking and whether or not they are going to continue taking it after they begin taking Depakote ER. This is why there are wide dosage ranges prescribed for seizure indications. Most of the time, because it is an extended release medication, it is given once daily. Follow your doctor’s instructions carefully so that you are taking the correct Depakote ER dosage for you.

Depakote ER Dosing for Migraine Prevention


Starting Dose

Maintenance Dose

Migraine — adults 500 mg/day for 1 week 1000 mg/day

Depakote ER should be swallowed whole and should not be crushed or chewed.

Depakote ER is not recommended for:

  • People with liver disease or liver damage
  • People with an allergy to the drug
  • People with urea cycle disorders (disorders where a missing protein in the liver causes ammonia to build up possibly causing coma, brain damage, or death)
  • People with pancreatitis (a disorder that causes inflammation of the pancreas; it can be sudden or happen over time)

Depakote ER Dose in Older Adults

Older adults should have a lower starting dose that will be increased more slowly, should have their fluid and food intake monitored, and should be watched for drowsiness.

Depakote ER Dose in Children

  • Depakote ER is not approved for bipolar mania or prevention of migraine headaches in children under 18 years old
  • Depakote ER is not approved for seizures in children under 10 years old.
  • There is a higher risk of fatal toxic damage to the liver in children under 2 years old. .

Work with your doctor to determine the best dose to start at for your individual needs.

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Written & reviewed by: Lisa Erwin R.Ph. CGP | Last review date: Dec 2010. Click the References Link below for a complete list of references.

Written & reviewed by: Lisa Erwin R.Ph. CGP | Last review date: Dec 2010.
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