Imitrex efficacy

Introduction to Imitrex Efficacy

Imitrex has been extensively studied to receive approval by the Food and Drug Administration for its use in the United States. Like all prescription medicines, Imitrex had to be evaluated for how well it works on migraines in relation to the number and types of side effects. Only you and your doctor can decide together if taking the medicine provides enough benefit to outweigh any potential risks.

Studies Show that Imitrex Works to Treat a Migraine in Progress

Imitrex Efficacy: Tablets

In adults, the effectiveness of Imitrex tablets for migraine was proven in 3 studies. In all 3 trials, the percentage of patients who got relief for their migraine 2 — 4 hours after taking Imitrex at all doses was greater among patients taking IMITREX tablets compared to those who took a placebo. In fact, the tablets provided relief after 2 hours in 50% to 60% of patients, and after 4 hours in 70% of patients. The newer rapid-release tablets may provide pain relief sooner than the older type of Imitrex.

Imitrex Efficacy: Injection

Clinical trials proved that relief began as early as 10 minutes following a 6-mg injection of Imitrex. In 2 studies, Imitrex injection relieved at least some headache symptoms in 70% of people within an hour of taking a 6 mg dose of Imitrex. 65% of people were pain free within 2 hours of taking the drug in these studies. Smaller doses of Imitrex may also work well, although the number of people who experienced relief was lower and it took more time for the medicine to work.

Imitrex Efficacy — Nasal Spray

The effectiveness of Imitrex nasal spray in treating migraine headaches was demonstrated in 8 studies. Patients took doses as a single spray into 1 nostril. There were no major differences between the 5- and 10-mg dose groups in any study, where the range of response ranged from 45% – 54% However, up to 64% of the people using the 20mg dose had zero or only mild pain 2 hours after taking that dose.

Deciding if Imitrex is Right for You

Imitrex has been used effectively by millions of consumers in the United States. Only a doctor can decide if Imitrex is right for you, but you should understand the potential benefits and risks of taking this medicine. If you are taking Imitrex and have any concerns, be sure to speak with your doctor. Never stop taking any medicine without your doctor’s advice.

Written & reviewed by: Lisa Erwin R.Ph. CGP | Last review date: Dec 2010. Click the References Link below for a complete list of references.

Written & reviewed by: Lisa Erwin R.Ph. CGP | Last review date: Dec 2010.
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