Research Opportunity for Men with Migraine from Aston University

Navigating the world of online support groups and forums for men with migraine: What are they gaining from it?

My name is Tiago Moutela, I am a Ph.D. researcher at Aston University (Birmingham, England UK). My Ph.D. is about understanding men’s experiences of migraines and how they navigate through the different support systems available to them.

What is the research about?

Migraine is a complex condition that affects millions of people worldwide. Different people will experience different symptoms and will seek different types of support for their migraines. For some people with migraines, online groups and forums are a key part of that support. We are interested to find out why men join online groups and discussion forums for support with their migraines and what it is like for them to be involved in an online community.

Who can participate?

We would like to speak to men:

  • Aged 25-55 who experience or have experienced any type of migraine;
  • Are members of any migraine-related online group and/or access or have accessed online forums for migraine-related issues.

How will the research be conducted?

The interview could be done via Zoom or email (whichever works best for you). Interviews are not expected to take longer than an hour. Participation in the study is voluntary and everything you say during the interview will be anonymized. By taking part in the study you are helping us to understand what makes online groups and forums effective for providing support and information for men with migraines, and how these platforms can be optimized to better support people experiencing migraines. This study has been approved by the Research Ethics Committee at Aston University.

How do I sign up?

Please contact Tiago Moutela at for more information about the study or to take part.

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