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At this year's Headache on the Hill, migraine advocates had the opportunity to attend the premiere of the highly anticipated, "Out Of My Head" documentary. After Susanna Sytron's daughter experienced a long and mysterious journey with migraine beginning at the age of 14, she teamed up with Jacki Ochs to interview several people living with this neurological disease, including our own Migraine.com expert, Joanna Kempner.

How can you get involved?

As with most independent documentaries, it's important to help get the word out. You can actually check out the currently organized community screenings- or even host a screening in your hometown! See details below.

Message from the filmmakers of Out of My Head

We are proud to announce that OUT OF MY HEAD, the documentary film on migraine, is now available for screening in movies theatres and venues across the country.

We’ve partnered with Gathr Films, using a new platform called Theatrical On Demand®. This method of distributing our film gives everyone the chance to experience it on the big screen in their own community, but only if someone signs up to host a screening. Then, enough tickets must be reserved by moviegoers in advance of the event for the screening to take place. We need your help to host and sign up to attend these screenings!

To learn how easy it is to host a movie screening in your community, please visit: https://outofmyheadfilm.com/host/usa/

To see if any screenings are being planned near where you live, please visit: https://outofmyheadfilm.com/see-the-film
The list of screenings is constantly updated, so check back often!

Please follow our film on social media platforms to stay in the loop and help us by sharing OUT OF MY HEAD posts.


Susannah Styron (Writer & Director)
Jacki Ochs (Producer)

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