Migraine Offer Center


We know that managing migraines can be costly for many patients. As a way to help you manage the financial burden, we have compiled a list of current coupons and discounts offered by pharmaceutical companies, device manufacturers, and associations.

We have also included contact information for several prescription assistance programs, which provide medications at little to no cost for qualifying patients.

Cost of migraines

In the U.S., the estimated yearly cost of missed work because of migraine is more than $14 billion and the amount spent on migraine treatment is $1 billion.

A 2004 study found that the average migraine sufferer spends $6,400 per year on health care costs, compared to $2,691 a year for the average person.

Save money!

To help reduce the costs, there are several discounts for people who suffer from migraines. However, combing the web for offers is time consuming. To make it easier, you’ll find numerous offers below:

Migraine Coupons and Programs

The various links will pull up the coupons for you to print. Some will take you away from the migraine.com website to the manufacturer’s site. Migraine.com is not responsible for the content contained on other websites. The links to coupons, rebates and special offers are provided only as an added convenience.

Fine print

Make sure you read all of the fine print and understand the rules before printing and/or using any of the coupons.

  • Valid prescription – no migraine prescription medication can be distributed without an official prescription
  • Expiration date – check the coupon or offer for the expiration date
  • New prescriptions or refills – certain offers are only valid for first-time customers
  • Age restrictions – many offers are valid for people in certain age categories
  • Out-of-pocket costs – the offer can’t be more than your out-of-pocket costs, meaning you won’t get money back
  • Formulation-specific offers – several offers are valid for one formulation of the a specific drug, so check
  • Insurance restrictions – most commercial insurance programs allow participants to take advantage of offer programs, however, if you have some government-sponsored insurance programs you may not be eligible. You can find out in the small print of the offer.
  • State restrictions – patients in certain states, such as those in Massachusetts, may be prohibited from using certain coupons, rebates or vouchers

Other tips

  • Check the printer – since most coupons require you to print them out, make sure that you have a printer available that is on, has adequate ink, paper and is properly connected
  • Print multiple copies – if the coupon can be used repeatedly
  • Allow pop-ups – many manufacturer coupons come in the form of pop-ups, so make sure that you allow pop-ups from the manufacturer’s page
  • Don’t be a copy cat – photocopied coupons typically won’t work
  • Give your pharmacist the coupon beforehand
  • Keep your receipts – you may need to send in your receipt to claim a rebate
  • Seek another store if your coupon isn’t accepted

Share your offers

The Migraine.com Offer Center will continue expanding to include the most recent and relevant offers for patients. Do you have an offer to share with other migraine sufferers? Contact us now!