Online Sweepstakes Benefits Migraine Research

Last updated: May 2011

New York (May 20, 2011) The nonprofit Migraine Research Foundation (MRF) today launched an online sweepstakes with all proceeds going directly to its pioneering research program investigating the causes and better treatments of migraine disease. Featuring amazing prizes for just $10 and $25 a chance, the event makes use of social media and the internet to appeal to MRF’s wide-ranging community across the nation.

Migraine is not just the commonly-known “bad” headache. It is a complex collection of neurological symptoms and a major public health, women’s health, and children’s health problem in the U.S. today. With 36 million Americans suffering from migraine, it is one of the world’s most disabling diseases. 14 million suffer from chronic migraine, when attacks come on a near daily basis, and 3 out of 4 sufferers are women. 10% of all school age children have migraines, with half of all sufferers stricken before the age of 12. MRF invests in research that will unlock the secrets of migraine to understand its causes, develop improved treatments that will enable sufferers to live pain-free, healthy and productive lives, and ultimately, to find the cure.

Enter the sweepstakes at or get more information about the Migraine Research Foundation by going to Those without access to the internet can call MRF’s office at 212-249-5402 to request a paper ballot.

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