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Last updated: April 2020

Dr. John Claude Krusz is an expert contributor and editor of

Dr. Krusz states:

“Very simply, Anodyne Headache and PainCare is more efficient, gets much more effective treatment results than other settings, and is more caring for the patient’s needs and is significantly less expensive.”

Over many years of treating patients with headache, migraine and many kinds of pain flareup, it became very frustrating for Dr. Krusz to admit 200 patients per year to a large urban hospital system. This process is very time consuming and puts an undue burden on the patient at the worst possible time--- when they were having a flareup of pain and in need of treatment for their symptoms. This led Dr. Krusz to conclude that the hospital is NOT the ideal place world for many patients.

About 11 years ago, Dr Krusz began to expand on the small number of patients treated with IV therapy by himself in an outpatient setting. He created the Anodyne Headace and PainCare center in a converted former home, which provides a cozy setting, very different from the hospital-based office that was used previously. He believes that seeing the same practitioner and staff consistently that care about the patients symptoms is a more nurturing experience. Dimmable lighting, a quiet environment, lights out during treatment is homelike and soothing. It is not just about the medication approaches used in the clinic, but Dr. Krusz and his staff believe that the treatment environment becomes very important as well.

Dr. Krusz sees patients from all over Texas, as well as across the nation.


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