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Can chronic migraines cause chronic loud all day tinnitus?

Community Answers
  • Momwoneson
    2 years ago

    Yes, in the last year or so, this has happened to me. There is no other trigger that I️ can find besides migraines. They escalate together, but the tinnitus will remain even when the migraine takes a break. It’s also related to congestion, with allergies, I’m always fighting congestion. There’s a program that worked for me called Tinnutis Terminator. It requires listening to sounds and sort of recalibrating your hearing.

  • sysad
    2 years ago

    In some people it does. I had tinnitus before my migraine attacks started, the migraines have made them a whole lot worse and gave me different tinnitus symptoms that I didn’t have before, Topamax at the higher doses worsened my tinnitus as well.

  • pigeongirl
    2 years ago

    i think only a doctor or specialist can say if migraine is the cause for someone. the ENT i was sent to determined that yes- in my case- my tinnitus and other ear symptoms were entirely due to my migraine attacks, and she was who helped me realize i was having ‘silent migraines’, meaning no headache but many symptoms- including ear noises sometimes all day! before that my GPs thought i had chronic sinus infections causing the ear noise. and sometimes it was deafening! when bad i can’t hear ‘real’ sounds over the ear noise. but other issues should be ruled out unless the ear issues seem to utterly disappear when attacks pass entirely. that can be so hard to figure out if you never escape the stages of migraine though, been there!

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