Does anyone recognize these symptoms? Is it still migraine or something else?

I’ve had tiny twitches of my upper left eyelid for some days but didn’t think much of it. I suffer PMA but always have a one-sided migraine on the right side of my body with full-on sensory and ocular disturbances when a proper attack is on the way and during the attack. Then suddenly today the twitching got worse, spread around the outside of the eye to the corner and edge of the outer lower eyelid, and I started getting not just a headache but an intense pain around the eye that seemed to gradually spread outwards. I hung in there for a while after taking Sumatriptan before going to bed with a heating pad I placed over the aching eye (I just had a desire to do that so I did). Once I woke I felt the Sumatriptan and rest worked fine on the headache, but not much on the pain in/behind/around the eye. I noticed a slightly runny nose and I kept my eye not fully open due to the pain. I was also sensitive to sound. I decided to also use an anti-inflammatory eye cream for some reason. Either way, suddenly the pain was just gone. Just like that it started gradually but swiftly disappear after about 3 hours, couldn’t have taken more than a couple of minutes. Now, I don’t feel any of the typical aftermath/postdrome I normally have after a migraine, only a sort of weird sensation in the eye and maybe just a tiny bit of ache on occasion. I don’t understand what happened? Any idea what this is or have anyone else experienced this?

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