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What are some of the strange symptoms you experience?

Community Answers
  • raymarie
    1 year ago

    I have visual auras, hallucinate strange chemical & smoke smells, get flu-like symptoms, of course bad head pain, sometimes one eye hurts, dizzyness, feel faint, diarrhea/constipation, nausea, exhaustion & the newest symptom to add is profuse, excessive sweating, not a cold sweat but my face feels red, inflamed & hot & the sweat literally pour off my whole body. Feeling faint & sweating so badly would make one think I was having a heart attack but there is no pain in my chest or back, arm or neck, & no shortness of breath. It just seems to be getting worse. I’m heading to neurologist tomorrow to discuss new treatment options.

  • Suludo18
    2 years ago

    I have all the common symptoms, but I also usually have insomnia the night before the headache strikes. I also have strong cravings for junk food. A bad symptom for me is that I feel like I could bite the head off a snake but I do warn people I come in contact with that I have a migraine and I’m feeling really MEAN and to be nice to me!!

  • NanHart
    2 years ago

    jumpy and jerky vision….comes and goes very fast but leaves me feeling off balance and anxious often inducing a mild panic attack….usually follows a headache or is a precursor for one on the way

  • nikkig127
    2 years ago

    Great question. I’ve seen 4 different neurologists, had countless MRIs, MRAs, EEGs, CTs and other tests that I eventually just started showing up for and said my name because I didn’t even know which one was which any more… all test indicated these symptoms were “some type of migraine that we’ll call an atypical complex migraine” < Words of the neuro with the most letters after her name.

    – Aura
    – Complete loss of feeling in entire right side of my body (head to toe): including – face, ear, tongue, arm, hand, fingers, chest, trunk, legs, feet and toes
    – Inability to distinguish hot and cold on right side of body
    – Loss of vision in right eye
    – Loss of hearing in right ear
    – Aphasia
    – Tremors
    – Pretty severe tachycardia (200+ laying in the hospital bed while hooked up to oxygen and pumped full of Xanax)

    Those are just my "atypical complex migraines". They rarely include an actual headache though. And I was told that some of the symptoms were likely a panic attack, but it's impossible to decipher which are which because I get them all, every time it happens. Thankfully those only come around once or twice a year. My regular migraines are pretty normal:

    – Right side headache
    – Nausea
    – Aura
    – Aphasia
    – Allodynia (thanks Holly Baddour! I didn't know that was an actual symptom! I've tried explaining it to my husband and brother for years!)
    – Dizziness
    – Neck Pain (this is usually the worst, sometimes worse than the head pain)

  • sysad
    2 years ago

    Smoke smell, aphasia and my head feels like it is sunburned or bees buzzing. Just had two arteries removed from my head, one on each side, to test for GCA, came back negative. The head issues are symptoms of GCA. All my teeth on the upper left side ache. Freezing cold all the time, even when temperature are neat 100 degrees. Good question. Thank you.

  • Holly Baddour moderator
    2 years ago

    What a great question. There are some very odd symptoms related to migraine, aren’t there? I’d say my strangest ones are when I’m incapable of finding my words (often happening before the migraine hits), called aphasia: ; and something called allodynia, which is when your hair literally hurts: However, my list is short in comparison to others: How about you? If you have serious concerns about any of your symptoms, please reach out to your doctor or migraine specialist to share them with him/her.

  • nikkig127
    2 years ago

    I’ve tried explaining the hair hurting thing to my husband and brother for years! My brother, who has the same migraines as me, says that hot showers help him more than anything, but they’ve never helped me because it makes my hair hurt so bad! He’s a military man, so he’s had a buzz cut for 15 years…so he doesn’t have that problem. But I’ve never been able to make him understand that I can’t take showers because…it hurts my hair….he just says I’m weird… Thank you for helping me find the actual word for it!

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