What can be the cause of it be, as it can’t be hormonal

Hi, I had Migraines since very young, I reckon around 6 years of age. In 2013 a gynecologist reckoned that my migraines were due to hormones… I had a hysterectomy that same year in June. During the procedure I had a stroke, fortunately recovered well… I did not have any more migraines after that, only cluster headaches now and then. Now all of a sudden it’s back! Two in one month… I don’t know if this is normal or not?

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  1. Migraine disease is a genetic disorder and hormones can be one trigger for them but usually are not the only factor. Unfortunately, even after you have a hysterectomy, you can still continue to have migraines. I have a friend whose migraines did not improve after the procedure. I would make sure you are under the care of a good headache specialist, and try to identify other common migraine triggers to see what else could be going on. And, I’m so sorry the hysterectomy didn’t work. I know it sucks when we’re hoping something will provide relief and it does not work out the way we hoped.

  2. TansieHat says:

    Thank you, I do appreciate your reply. Migraine is also running in my family… It was just so nice to be Migraine free for a while. The sudden appearance of it just caught me by surprise. I reckon stress can also be a trigger, as I’m going through a rather tough period in this stage of my life.

  3. Anne says:

    My migraine is genetic – it runs in my family. Hormones are one TRIGGER for migraine, not cause. I know seeing a neurologist has helped me find medications that help lessen my migraines and fight the pain of attacks. Finding a doctor whose specialty is migraines is helpful to guide you to what works for you.

  4. TansieHat says:

    Thanx, unfortunately we stay in an extremely small town now, and the nearest neurologists, headache specialists are more than 3 hours drive away… I had 3 brain scans to date in my life, and they picked up nothing unusual on it… Obviously after the stroke I had there is now this showing on the scan. 🙂 I will try and search for a good neurologist in the new year, and definitely give him/her a visit. Thank you for the advice.

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