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A Day in the Life of Living with Migraine

Let's stop for moment to reflect on your everyday life with migraine. What would it be like to have someone else walk a day in your shoes?

Join in on this conversation by answering some of our questions and conducting our polls below.

What does your typical day consist of or look like?

A day in the life of living with migraine…what are your days really all about?

How do you make it through your daily routines?

How do you maneuver through the pain to try and get things done, get to where you need to be or simply make it through your daily routine?

Have a personal story you want to tell? We want to hear it!

Each day when living with migraine includes endless hurdles and obstacles. Share YOUR STORY and help others know they are not alone in this daily fight!

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How often does migraine impact your day?

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How often do you ask for help?

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Does your pride ever prevent you from asking for help?

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