Managing Migraine Through the Holidays

Managing Migraine Through the Holidays

Tis the season for holiday cheer, joyful celebrations, feeling thankful and all things merry and bright! Right?

Well, tell us what you think! How do you REALLY feel when this time of year rolls around?

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Do your migraine attacks increase during the holidays?

“Coping over the holidays
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Are the family and friends you will be seeing this holiday season understanding about migraine?

Is it possible to enjoy the holidays?

Is it possible to enjoy the holidays and effectively still manage your migraine? Share your advice or tips on ways you have maybe found to navigate through this hectic time!

On the other hand, need a space to vent about the holidays? We are here to lend an ear! Share how you REALLY feel when it comes to migraine management and the holidays.

Are there specific holiday triggers that affect your migraine?
The holiday season can bring about difficult migraine trigger induced environments from holiday gatherings, change in sleep schedules, foods, fragrances…the list can seem never ending! Are there specific triggers during this time of the year that affect your migraine? Do you have some tips for managing them?

“Coping over the holidays

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