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10 Years of Your Favorite Polls

Different people experience different triggers, symptoms, and warning signs of migraine. Whether you are new to migraine, living with a headache disorder, or are just trying to learn more - we want to highlight the many shared experiences of the community through our top polls from the past decade!

What is the true impact of migraine?

It is challenging to fully and truly describe the ongoing personal, social, and physical impact of migraine disease. However, understanding that you are not alone within this journey is essential. Migraine and headache disease not only affects all of us in this community, but it impacts our loved ones who may not be living with this invisible disease. Just by looking at our very first poll responses alone, you can see how many people migraine has impacted over the last 10 years.

Community Poll

How many people in your family, including yourself, suffer from migraines?

The unrelenting pain of migraine

The pain of a migraine can be unrelenting, regardless of the length of time it occurs. For some, the pain can be short-lived but for others, the pain can drag on. Sometimes it can be a deep ache or throbbing, other times it can be a sharp and nagging sensation. community members shared the length of time they survived the pain of migraine in our top 2010 poll.

Community Poll

What's the longest you've experienced throbbing pain during a migraine attack?

Yawning during migraine prodrome

Warning signs of migraine typically occur during the prodrome phase. Aura, anger, irritability, and so much more can be experienced at the beginning of an attack. While many might not think about their yawning, respondents of the top 2011 poll seem to question whether or not this might be one of the first warning signs of an oncoming attack.

Community Poll

Is yawning one of your prodrome symptoms (the first phase of migraine)?

A migraine treatment arsenal

"I've tried everything." A phrase that could be the mantra for the community. With so many options available, it's mind-boggling that migraine may not respond to any of them. Finding the right combination can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Our top 2012 poll responses seem to suggest that managing migraine takes an arsenal.

Community Poll

What treatment(s) have you used for your migraines in the past year? (check all that apply)

Silent migraine

Silent migraine can be just as debilitating as a migraine with head pain. Migraine is often described as a full-body experience and isn’t mutually exclusive with head pain. community members shared they experience this firsthand in our top 2013 poll about silent migraine.

Community Poll

Have you ever experienced a “silent” migraine without the head pain?

Dizziness and migraine

Light sensitivity, nausea, pain, brain fog, and aphasia are symptoms that we talk a great deal about here at It's some of the lesser talked about symptoms that are brought to light by community members, like you. Without you, these conversations about the realities of migraine symptoms wouldn't happen. Our top 2014 poll highlights that symptoms, like dizziness, plague many during an attack and should be part of the conversation.

Community Poll

Have you ever experienced dizziness during a migraine attack?

Earaches and migraine

With our eyes already sensitive to light and our noses sensitive to smells isn't that enough for migraine? Of course not. Even our ears can be impacted. Though it isn't one of the more distinct symptoms of migraine, a look at our top 2015 poll tells us that many of you have experienced earaches during a migraine attack.

Community Poll

Do you experience earaches (pain, burning, etc)?

Accepting migraine's impact

Many could argue that accepting migraine would be like allowing the neurological disease to take the keys and hop in the driver's seat. It's no question that migraine has had an impact on every aspect of your life, how could it not? But it doesn't have to be a battle of wills and community members who participated in the top 2016 poll seem to view migraine through a similar lens.

Community Poll

Have you reached acceptance that migraine has changed your life?

Early morning headaches

Getting enough sleep is already questionable because of migraine but is it your alarm clock too? Overnight migraine seems to like to take control and bring about a brutal awakening. Many of you have shared your experiences with early morning headaches, some from as far back as our top 2017 poll. What's been your experience?

Community Poll

Do you experience early morning headaches?

Identifying migraine triggers

Does it ever feel like the triggers keep on coming? It's almost like a mystery that can never fully be solved because the culprits just keep changing. While some may know the majority of their triggers, many of you can say that you don't know all of them. A look at our top 2018 poll shows this mixed bag when it comes to identifying triggers.

Community Poll

How well have you been able to identify your triggers?

Seeing a headache specialist

Since there are just 500 headache specialists practicing in the United States, we could certainly use more. It's no question that having a specialist in migraine and headache diseases could mean so much more than specialized care. It could be the difference between feeling dismissed and feeling heard. Our top 2019 poll seems to suggest that many community members have looked to a headache specialist for their care.

Community Poll

Have you ever seen a headache specialist?

Trying new migraine treatments

We know just how frustrating it can be to have a tried and true treatment suddenly stop working. It's back to the drawing board, yet again. Or even worse, never finding relief. What's great about having a community to rely on and support us is the ability to learn from other's experiences with new treatments. It looks like community members who participated in our top poll of 2020 like to do their research before traveling down a new treatment path, including reading others' experiences.

Community Poll

After hearing about other people’s experiences, do you feel more likely to try new treatment options?

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When was your last migraine check-up?