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Spotlight: Spring Cleaning

Spotlight: Spring Cleaning

Spring has arrived!

Are you ready to wipe the winter dust away or maybe tackle a household project? Well, if your like most of us, you might just not be! Unfortunately, when living with migraine, keeping up with basic household chores can be challenging. There are many cleaning products that can trigger an attack and quite simply, the sheer number of daunting messes that tend to pile up which become overwhelming both physically and emotionally due to migraine taking up nearly all your time and energy. So, all this month we will be focusing on what can be for some…the dreaded spring cleaning! We will share articles (some below) and future articles that will provide tips and tricks on how to tackle spring cleaning!

Spring Cleaning

We also want to hear from YOU, so please share with us!

How do you muster up enough energy to tackle the bigger cleaning projects that have maybe have been building up all winter long?

Are you able to stay on top of cleaning regularly?

Do you have any advice or any unique DIY cleaning product recipes that you can share with the community?

Join in on this conversation and share your tips, advice and stories. Here’s how you can participate and share with our community. 

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Spring Cleaning


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Learn more as our contributors highlight and share their advice on cleaning and migraine.

Odorless Cleaning Products for the Scent-Sensitive Migraineur
By Kerrie Smyres—September 5, 2013
For the scent-sensitive migraineur, finding cleaning products that won’t trigger an attack can be difficult. In my years of searching, I’ve found some excellent products, both store-bought and homemade, that are free of migraine-triggering odors…READ MORE

Hiring a house cleaner-a justifiable healthcare cost?
By The Migraine Girl—July 15, 2013
Our bathroom is a mess. I’ve had “clean the bathroom” on my to-do list for about, say, eight years. I am only slightly exaggerating here, as the bathroom has needed a deep clean for quite awhile—most notably my sink. Like most women with long hair, I have a sink that gets clogged…READ MORE

Clean house!
By The Migraine Girl—November 11, 2008
Tomorrow morning, a wonderfully friendly (and highly recommended) house cleaner is coming over here. I’m so excited. She’s going to clean my house from top to bottom! Here’s the sad truth, folks. I hope you don’t respect me any less (assuming you respected me in the first place) and hope your judgment is not too harsh. But let me lay it all out for you: I do not clean. …READ MORE

Home improvement, migraine style
By Tammy Rome—January 5, 2016
When I first saw those bubblegum pink walls, I cringed. This room was going to be a guest bedroom. That bright pink HAD to go right away. The smaller room on the west side of the house had a neutral shade on the walls. Yet once I saw the walk-in closet with built-in shelves, I KNEW this was going to be my new office…READ MORE

We need a maid.
By The Migraine Girl—January 8, 2011
I’ve written before about what it’s like to have a partner who also suffers from chronic pain, but ever since I wrote that personal essay, things have taken a dramatic turn. My partner has insurance for the first time in at least a decade (though I suspect the insurance-free time was actually significantly longer than ten years). Lucky for him…READ MORE

Spring Cleaning

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  • Jojiieme
    2 years ago

    With you on the steam mop. I have a small hand-steamer for the shower too, that comes with a cloth scourer pad. As I’m in the humid sub-tropics, I try to use that during “the Wet” to keep mould and fungus at bay, as well as wiping what I can daily with a microfibre glove that hangs on a hook in the shower.
    I used to read FlyLady weekly, then I discovered Shannon Lush and her books and tips. Even simpler to put into action – you could almost do half a house in 15 mins with her system, on a migraine day (depending on the chores).
    I’ve done our apartment in two x 15 mins sessions on a single day to get through recent multi-day, multi-week episodes.
    Kitchen bins are emptied every night, so the kitchen’s fresh in the morning. (Hubby takes the bags to a bucket by the door – it’s a long walk to the big bin, and he does that in the morning on his way to his bicycle)
    And here’s my best tip: it’s Passover this coming week. A wise friend convinced me two years ago to just use disposables during the week, instead of fussing with all the replacement crockery and utensils. There are only two of us, and we can’t move with extra sets of china everywhere…. less to store, less to wash, less madness all round.

  • Maureen
    2 years ago

    I am the proud owner of a steam cleaner (I think it is a Shark). It just uses water to steam clean your floors, so no chemicals or odors. I am like the migrainegirl and, generally, do NOT clean. I am an organizer, a straightener, a bed-maker. Like her, I could count on my hand the number of times I had mopped the floor. My floor is very big and goes from room to room, never-ending. With the steam cleaner, it gets cleaned quickly and trigger-free. I don’t have to refill the tank during the process! The pad gets thrown in the laundry (over which I am queen) afterward. Success! My floor is presently, and almost regularly now clean:)
    Also, I purchased a mop that has a dustpan with a broom handle attachment so I don’t have to bend over (and make my head explode) to pick up dirt. Winner!

    Another success story, in my reign as laundry queen, was teaching my seven (!) children to do their own laundry! When they were little it was just a challenge to keep it clean. Folding was icing. Putting away was super bonus points. Stay focused on priorities. (Not naked being more important than not wrinkled.) As they grow teach them to fold and put away, but most important, teaching them to CARRY the laundry from place to place for me was a huge head un-throbber. They helped me sort, then they carried the laundry to the washer and put it in, and I filled the cup and they dumped it. I pushed the buttons. Eventually, they learned the steps and did the work. And as they got older, it was just my and my husband,s laundry that might be really hindered by migraine…but then he carried the basket on his way out the door in the morning. And I managed to switch the load during the day. And folding laundry made me feel like I had some purpose when that was all I could manage around the house in a day. At least I was queen of the laundry! And it gave me a goal. Put in one load. Then back to bed. Can you switch that load? Yes? Not yet? Better take that second Maxalt. Back to bed.

    Idea the next: I use a magic eraser to clean the shower one wall at a time while I am in it. That way I never have to “clean the shower” and I don’t use chemicals. If, however, I do, I go with Barkeepers Friend as Kerrie mentioned in her post. Don’t waste your time on anything else!

    One last idea, try FlyLady, (Look her up online). Swish and Swipe in the bathroom and kitchen everyday to keep things clean and you will never have to clean again.

    Be well!
    P.S. If anyone has ideas about how to start to love vacuuming, I would love to know that. We have long hair and vacuuming always becomes a vacuum detangling session. HATE!

  • Joanna Bodner moderator
    2 years ago

    Hey there Maureen!
    Wow, this was fantastic! What great suggestions & tips to share with the community. Thank you!!! I LOVE the idea of a steam mop! And the laundry…well we should consider this advice coming from practically an expert being someone with SEVEN children! Amazing! In general, it can be challenging to let go of control, but it is imperative to ask for assistance whenever possible in daily household tasks and you have certainly developed a great system (minus the vacuuming) :)! Thanks again for sharing this with us and especially for being part of our community.

    -Joanna ( Team)

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