Headache for 3 days
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I had a hedache for 3 days. Was talking to my Mum about it she suffers from realy bad migraines. She said it sounds like you have a migraine.

So I asked what can I do about it. So she opened up the med draw as she calls it and says take your choice. I am like what the it was like the pharmacy in your back yard but in a draw. WOW I said you take all these. She says it depends how bad it is, different meds work better than others.

Stuff that i said: theres got to be a better way to kill the pain then using all those diffrent meds in that draw. I took a couple of Asprins I was right a few hours latter. So all of that got me thinking so I went surfing on the net for more information on migraines. Boy there is a lot of info out there. I found this site called Headache-Migrainerelife it had a Free eBook I downloaded I read threw it and learnt a few things. I’ve got a more of an understanding what a migraine is.

Now I really understand what my mum goes threw. HELL! that the only way to describe it. So check out this eBook it may or may not help you.

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