Avoid sudden stops

Last updated: April 2013

I could share my whole story but you already know it. It is your story - same song different verse. Maybe there are some variables that are different. We are all individuals after all. Maybe we have different triggers. Maybe we respond to different treatments. But, in the end our stories are similar. So friend let me tell you - AVOID SUDDEN STOPS!

I don't mean the run into a brick wall sudden deceleration stops. I mean stop taking your medicines suddenly stops. I take several maintanance medicines for migraine. One is Cymbalta. I'm sure I am not alone in finding that insurance will not pay for Cymbalta for migraine. It is an off label use and I do not have a diagnosis that fits in one of the four categories that they will pay for. That means just the Cymbalta is almost $300 per month. I don't know about you but that takes a HUGE bite out of a paycheck! It is not like mine are the only meds we have to pick up either. This month I could not swing it so when I ran out that was it - Boom no more Cymbalta. Now before someone suggests the manufacturers plans - I have tried every plan out there and there is no help as long as you have any kind of prescription insurance even though they do not pay for this drug. There is a discount card and it saves me $45 so I use it because every little bit helps.

The result of my sudden stop was EXTREME dizziness, nausea, fast heartbeat, shorness of breath, high bloodpressure and fast resting pulse. I caused myself misery that is taking many days from which to recover. As it turns out, I cannot afford NOT to take the Cymbalta; or at least to stop it suddenly like that.

I have read all of the warnings about not stopping suddenly without consulting with your doctor first but I felt I did not have a choice. What I learned was that there is a choice when it comes to your health and that choice is to heed the warnings because that is why they are there.

I hope my experience can help someone else avoid experiencing the same misery. The moral once again? Avoid sudden stops. They are worse than running into a brick wall.

Blessings all!

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