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Bad Migraines

I have had 40 years of migraine headaches,since I was 4.   My parents had brain waves, brain scans, and constantly brought me to the ER and doctors , I’ve tried all kinds of treatments and medications and nothing worked. Everyday the same thing migraine.  Never miss a day of work due to them I just struggled my way through .

But recently had a back injury and went to a chiropractor and saw the nurse and chiro doctor. They told me they could help my headaches as well, I said okay I will try anything. So they tried a new medication called Marcaine,10 treatments later I have been reduced down to 3 migraines in 4 months and have a significant change in my lifestyle. Hope this will help some if not all the sufferers out there.

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  • stella murray author
    5 years ago

    marcane is a small tube inserted in the nostril 1 side at a time and they put a gel in your nasal passage then you blow your nose no pain or discomfort no needles feels like you just sucked up water in your nose. 9 to 10 treatments and most do not have headaches anymore

  • Katie M. Golden moderator
    5 years ago

    Sorry to hear about your back troubles along with your migraines. For some people, getting consistent adjustments with a good chiropractor can lessen their headaches.

    Can you tell me more about the Marcaine that you’re using? It’s an anesthetic used in the spine often for labor or surgery. It blocks the nerve impulses that send pain signals to your brain. So I can see how this would help you with your back pain. Are you getting injections in your neck or scalp as well to target the migraines?

    Again, I’m glad this is working for you and thanks for sharing!

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