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Basilar-type migraines – Aura without pain

I’m 19 years old and I started having basilar-type migraines since last year (which was when I went to university). I just experience aura without pain.

I the second semestre of my first college year I started feeling ocasionally dizzy but I thought it wasn´t anything important.

Then, the end of the semestre came, along with exams time. I got so dizzy, that eventually I couldn’t read anymore (do you imagine that happening during exams epoch? I failed an exam because my migraine wouldn’t let me study…). I panicked and went straight to the doctor. He diagnosed me with basilar-type migraines and said that it would keep coming back and that there was no cure.

I started taking Sermion30 everyday, morning and night, as the doctor had told me. The attack only ended after two more weeks (so, in total, it lasted for about a month). That was the worst migraine attack I’ve had, but this year I’m having migraines that last for two weeks up to a month, weaker than the first one, but the period between them is only a week or less.

The mid-term tests at college began last week and I’ve been going through a new migraine for the last two weeks. This one is stronger than usual and it is really affecting me.

My symptoms are dizziness, very often I am unable to focus my eyes (hence, unable to read), I feel weakness in my whole body, especially limbs and head, I can’t concentrate, I feel fatigue and huge irritability. Sometimes my hands shake a little. In the first attack and in this one I experienced photosensitivity (however, now it is so much worse that I have to wear sunglasses indoors as well).

I identified light, stress and fatigue as possible triggers.

I am getting worried because, as far as I could find out, no one I know as this type of migraine and on this site I couldn’t find anyone in the same situation either.

If someone shares this type of migraine attack, please say something…

I really need help to do something about this!

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  • kathyhorton-bishop
    7 years ago

    I’m wondering…been diagnosed with chronic migraines….but no meds seem to work or work for very long or worse yet make them worse….the more I read about basilar the more they seem to be a better fit…tell me do any of you get extremely nauseated with the dizziness as well as very sweaty followed by cold chills as it progresses? what helps you…..Currently they have me taking phenergan, with benedryl and tylenol….if I can’t break it at home the ER repeats that but instead of tylenol they give me demerol…. so basically it just sedates me for 24 or more hours till it passes…does this sound familiar to anyone…?

  • vh
    7 years ago

    Hi Just reading your symptoms and the information on this site on hemiplegic migraine vs basilar type

    “Because they share many of the same symptoms, it is sometimes hard to detect the difference between hemiplegic and basilar migraine. The main symptom that distinguishes hemiplegic migraine from other types of migraine is the muscle weakness that completely disappears after the migraine attack ends. The motor or muscle weakness typically goes away after an hour and happens more often in the arms than in the legs. In fact, attacks of hemiplegic migraine tend to become less frequent as the migraine sufferer gets older”

    I do suffer from similar type migraines. Migraines with prominent and prolonged aura with or without headache. I wish you the best.

  • theresadz
    8 years ago

    DizzyHunter, now that I’m doing more research about my symptoms and headaches I’m starting to think that my chronic migraines are actually basilar-type migraines. They probably can’t be ‘silent’ migraines because I do have head pain…

    I hope that your next visit to the Dr. proves fruitful and that you take one more step closer to the right diagnosis.

  • Maria author
    8 years ago

    Hi DizzyHunter!

    Thanks for answering! The same sort of “healthy look” came up when I did my diagnostic exams, but I think it is normal. My doctor just said “well, we’ve excluded everything else and none of this exams excludes basilar type migraines. I guess the best is to prescribe you the medication for that. If they work, it is because I am right. It’s the only way left to be sure of what you have, I think.”
    I know it sounds a bit like blind confidence, but I do trust that doctor very much, he is brilliant, honest and always proved to be the best. So, I had no reason to start having doubts.
    As always, he was right. the medication did work and everything about the evolution of my symptoms is in accordance with basilar type migraines.

    However, this year, this last migraine attack got out of control. The abortive medication didn’t work and the treatment medication didn’t work either. The doctor said that it wasn’t too weird because sometimes it happens that medication stops being effective after some time, due to habituation of the organism, a sort of dessensitization to it occurs. So, I changed medication and started taking zinazen instead.

    I am feeling a lot better these days, but I’m not 100% ok yet. I still have medium dizziness and throbbing head, especially in the base of the skull.

    One thing that aparently helped was taking 2 pills of valdispert per day (one in the morning and one at night), along with the rest of the medication. I think probably it is because we pile our own nerves derived from being dizzy on top of the disease itself. We add the two things and it gets even more difficult to control.

    I hope you get a certainful diagnosis and you get better fast!

  • DizzyHunter
    8 years ago

    Having the same experience. No pain, very dizzy to the point I have to lay down and feel like I have to sleep for hours to feel better. If I get the chance to sleep on the weekend, I’ll fall asleep friday night at 6pm and won’t wake up until sunday morning. Lots of pressure in my head, have had CATS, MRI, EEG, EKG, blood work, thyroid, seen neuro (was told it’s anxiety!!!) went to ENT, no diagnosis was provided. All tests and scans were clear and said I’m completely healthy. Sounds tend to be my trigger point, hammer, beeping on machinery or even a dogs high pitch bark.

    The first attack occurred last year in June. For me it comes on more severe with the spring/summer season, all fall and winter I was functioning fine with very few attacks and not nearly as severe where I could still work and play with my daughter. But now that we hit 60 degrees two weeks ago, its back again bad.

    Going to the family doctor this week to go back to the drawing board. After more research and crossing things off as we go, we’re going to look at the possibility of a type of silent migraine again or as I found on this thread with such similar symptoms the Basilar type.

    Hope your are doing okay, one thing I’ve found that helps my symptoms is Advil Cold & Sinus and prescribed diazpham for when they are really severe attacks. Good luck and I’ll keep checking this thread.

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