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Hi there,

I just wanted to share my most recent experience with Botox with you all as I think personally I may have found an effective treatment. I know everyone is different and everyone should discuss the best course of action with their physician but this is my experience.

In the past I have tried ended, dothep, Periactin, topamax, Lyrica, sandomigran, triptans, ergotamine, acupuncture, massage, chiropractic etc etc to help with my chronic migraine which has been daily since my mid teens. And I’m sure many of you have the same or similar stories. The greatest relief I have had had been with Periactin and codeine.

I had Botox a week and a half ago. The procedure itself was pretty innocuous. I didn’t find it very painful and it was over pretty quickly. However the next day I started to feel really sick and continued to feel sick for about 5 days. Then I started to have really bad neck and shoulder pain. I didn’t even care how many pain killers I took. But 4 days ago the neck pain started to ease don’t get me wrong it’s still there but it’s manageable. I’ve heard it can take a couple of weeks to go. But I woke up 4 days ago and my head didn’t hurt. I wasn’t foggy, vague or in pain. Then I woke up that way the next three days. Except for 30 mins yesterday I have been migraine free. My mind is clear, I can engage with others and my pain seems to respond to treatment.

I don’t know what the next three months will be like. I don’t know if the neck pain will go or if it get full mobility of my neck back but I can say of every crap drug I have tried, this is the first time I’ve had hope. And it’s the first time in a long time I remembered what it was like to not be sick, not to struggle every second of every single day. And it also reminded my that what we live with IS real, I wasn’t making it up all along.

If you have the means and the access and you’re not getting anywhere with your meds, if you’re considering Botox and your doctors think it’s an option for you … well its been the first time I’ve had four days like this since I was a teen and I’m 32.

All the best. xo

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  • RachelM author
    2 years ago

    Oh that’s good to know. The pain seems to have stopped now. It took two full weeks. I’m lucky as my mom had some remedial massage training and helped me out a lot but the pain was pretty full on. If I had to pick the neck pain or migraine, I’d pick the neck pain but it was pretty full on so I’m glad it’s not a choice I had to make so I’ll make sure I raise with my doctor next time I see him.
    I really do think it should be an option offered sooner to patients.
    I don’t know what it costs in the states but the cost of the actual Botox is only $35 in Australia for chronic migraine sufferers plus the cost of administration which I have heard ranged from about $200-$600. I pay $500 cause Im fortunate enough to be well enough to work and I really trust my doctor but it’s taken this long for it to be offered to me as an option. And to think that the last preventative I was put on almost gave me congestive heart failure …
    So with all my rambling, yes it’s a big deal but so are all the other drugs. Which is why I posted initially.
    Keep on trucking everyone. If I can find a solution after 20 years and a bajillion medical fails you can find your solution too. And a big thanks to all the fantastic personal stories that you have all shared that have helped me get by and helped me find my solution.

  • jennyanydots
    2 years ago

    I was supposed to start Botox later this month as a last resort. I am unable to do that as insurance will not cover it and each treatment is $1,200. Health insurance in the US is a disgrace. You are fortunate to have the Australian health insurance system.

  • Joanna Bodner moderator
    2 years ago

    I am so sorry to hear this RachelM. Do you know if your doctor has requested a prior authorization? Here is some more information in case you’d like to read more – Thank you for taking the time to comment & truly wishing you all the best. Warmly, Joanna ( Team)

  • GardensatNight
    2 years ago

    Botox is helpful to me, too. With the neck pain, I had that side effect too on my first round. When I mentioned it to the doctor, she said it can happen when the injections on the back of the skull are given too low… or well… basically it was something like on most people they aim for “two fingers” above some bump on your skull, but if you have neck pain, they just know that on your anatomy, they need to try it two and a half fingers the next time, and if that doesn’t work, try it three fingers. They tried it two and a half fingers with me the next time (and every time after that) and I had NO neck pain. Which was amazing because the neck pain/weakness was so terrible the first time, it was like seriously triggering migraine after migraine. So you might talk to your doctor and see what they say. Good luck to you. I am glad the botox is helping you.

  • Emily
    2 years ago

    I’m so glad Botox seems to be working for you! I know it’s a huge help for some people. I hope you continue to see improvement!

  • Mardie Crucchiola
    2 years ago

    I had Botox for the first time of June 2016. The first time I received tooo much in my shoulder area and I couldn’t lift my arm very high. I didn’t get relief until about 3 weeks down the road and the migraines started to jot be every other day so I believe it worked. I went in for 2nd treatment in sept and I had her not give me as many shots in the upper shoulder area. My eyes drooped a little but I really believe it helped. I still have them but I’m happy to say it’s calmed my brain down a lot. I’ve even taken on a part time job. I’m trying to hold off because I spent over 2400.00 dollars for 2ntreatments with no insurance. I love to hear if anyone else has had such luck. It’s unbelievable when my head doesn’t hurt as much. I’m alive again.

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