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Cascading Migraines

First migraine 3+ yrs ago. Then one every other month. Then every month. Now averaging one every three days.

I do get whole weeks migraine-free (increasingly rare). And I’ve grown glad to have migraines level 5-7 without vomiting.

But this ever increasing frequency of migraines is wearing away at my soul.

Much sympathy for those with intractable migraine.

Thanks for “listening”.

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  • Sandy S
    3 months ago

    Hi I feel for you . I have similar but not quite as bad I don’t have as many really bad sickness 24 hour ones now .I have a constant migraine at level 4 with neck pain knowing if I move too much or smell perfume, washing powder it will intensify to a 5/6 so just sit really still as much as I can. The only time I am near normal is a few hours when the triptan has worked . No pain just totally exhausted then it starts at a 4 again . I try my hardest to only take 2 triptans a week so as not to over do them and my doc will only pescribe 6 a month even knowing my specialist has diagnosed me with chronic migraine 11 years ago . I hope we all get a cure or some more help soon .

  • glassmind author
    3 months ago

    That sounds tough. I am so glad that between migraines, I have no head pain at all. But every migraine is pain 5 or more anf usually 7. They used to always be 9, but I learned to catch them sooner and treat them before they get bad.

    It is amazing how much pain ine learns to tolerate when one has chronic painful conditions.

    But I have learned it is better for me if I actually accept the pain and treat it right away rather than push through or try to ignore it, because when I did that the pain just got worse.

    Yes, may we all get help as soon as is possible.

    Hugs to you

  • Peggy Artman moderator
    3 months ago

    It’s true that it is amazing how much pain we learn to tolerate! Hugs to you!
    ~ Peggy ( team)

  • bluesguy
    3 months ago

    I can totally relate. I hope you feel as well as possible, and take care of yourself. Intractable migraine is a serious illness, and changes many lives every day. I know it has changed my life. Thanks for expressing the feelings/thoughts that many of us are experiencing.

  • glassmind author
    3 months ago

    Thank you. Take care as well.

  • Martha Growdon moderator
    7 months ago

    I’m really sorry to hear about the increasing frequency of your migraine attacks, glassmind. Has your doctor been able to suggest a treatment that helps give you some relief?

    The folks here understand what you’re going through. We’re always here to listen.

    -Martha Team

  • glassmind author
    7 months ago

    Thank you for the sympathy.

    We’ve tried various medications. The preventatives my health plan covers have all failed or had intolerable side effects. The one and only abortive covered rarely works. I have some rescue medications that are of some help.

    Thanks again

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