Migraines Constantly, How Do I Keep My Sanity?

Last updated: February 2018

Hi, I feel sorry for all of you, truly my heart breaks because we are all sufferers of something nobody understands.

I'm 43, and I've had migraines for years, but the past year I've had them five times a week. I can't afford medical care, and live with my parents, so I go to a free clinic to get immitrex. Its gotten so bad, I only last every two weeks before I have to go back and everyone around me is very frustrated and angry that I can't stop it. My sister told me to quit taking medicine. they don't get it. without it I'd be suicidal, because I'm already there anyway. its hard. How do you keep your wits about you when you feel like a failure in everyone's eyes?

Because the clinic is free, and has volunteer doctors, I've had to tell my story to ten different doctors last year. All of them except a few were arrogant in thinking Propanol was going to fix it. it didn't. One pompously told me B2 was my cure and almost didn't give me pills because of his certainty. it didn't.

I think my migraines are due to Candida/Leaky Gut. I also had H Pylori last year. I'm at poverty level though so fixing my diet is very hard. I have managed to cut put wheat a year ago, but now I'm going to cut out sugar to see if there's any hope.

I'm sorry were all going through this...

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