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Continuous cold therapy

I have had migraines for over 50 years with no relief. I go through ice packs like crazy and constantly having to get up to get one is overwhelming. I find the clay ones are the best. I am wondering If anyone has tried continuous cold therapy? It is costly so I hate to invest in the machine without input

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  • Lyubashka
    2 years ago

    Hi, I hope my experience helps. I was at a friend’s house once when the migraine started. She has this cold therapy cube she used after a knee surgery. So, I tried using it. I felt SO much better and decided to get one. I paid only $245.65 for the machine and a multi-use wrap. ( I think you can also buy it with a pad)
    Here is the link where I bought it

    Having had it for some time I can say I do not regret investing the money. It brings the relief and makes migraines bearable.

  • adawna
    2 years ago

    If you are talking about the continuous cold therapy provided by the company Polaris, DO NOT GO THERE!! Warning! I bought the kit n kaboodle–the continuous flow machine, the chiller so that I would not have to keep adding ice all the time, and the migraine hat, all to the tune of over 1,100 dollars!! A LOT of money for what I THOUGHT would be the ultimate in some pain relief, since I do find some relief in headache hats…..I was told by a salesman on the phone that I would have 30 days to return it if not satisfied….The machine is loud. The temperature, even with putting ice in, gets down to about 40*, not as cold as the hats, AND the migraine hat itself is a thin, flimsy thing with little tubing, and even with my short hair, with a buzzed undercut up to the bottom of my ears in order to feel the cold better–barely worked to get the cold to my head!! I cannot imagine it could possibly help anyone with long hair! I gave it a good try. I put a headache hat on over top of it, and that kept my headache hat cold for quite awhile, but that was the only benefit. Came to the conclusion that buying a tiny freezer to put beside the bed,vplus several more headache hats was a lot quieter, a lot easier. and a LOT less expensive! BUT POLAR HAS A STRICT POLICY OF NO RETURNS! EVER! Once a product has been USED, they will not take it back. Look carefully on their site, and there is a clause that due to the health board (or some such organization) they are not ALLOWED to take any machines back! But the guy I talked to when I called to see what I needed to do didn’t even mention that, he just said that “oh, we don’t do returns. We can’t sell that again. Why would anyone eant it after YOU used it?” I was so flabbergasted. The hat part, ok. The two machines and the tubing that I paid 1100 dollars for?! NOT HAPPY. Not the product I had hoped for, from a company even much less desirable. (To be fair, he did say I am the only one who has ever wanted to return one. Nooot sure I believe that!) Mine will be going on ebay at some point. Hope someone will like it!

  • Joanna Bodner moderator
    2 years ago

    Thank you adawna for sharing your experience with this product! How terribly frustrating of not being able to return the product after spending so much money! I really hope like you said you are able to sell it on Ebay & that it will bring someone else the relief they need! How discouraging 🙁 Thanks for being here to show support & share your advice. -Joanna ( Team)

  • adawna
    2 years ago

    *Correction–the company is POLAR, not POLARIS

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