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Controlling My Life All the Time

My migraine headaches control my life now all the time to the point where I have to call off of work a lot because they get so bad. I cry uncontrollably and can’t get out of bed to take care of myself to do simple things like take a shower or make myself dinner.

Sometimes I just want to blow my head off because they hurt so damn bad. No one seems to want to help me with taking care of them. Anyway it seems when I get my periods MY migraines get the worst.

I want to control my migraines I DON’T want them to control me.

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  • karen rollins
    5 years ago

    44 years suffering. I will be 48 in 2 weeks. a man just cured my migraines, NO MEDS, NO SURGERY. he changed my bite. I have a temporary orthodic. should have had 3 episodes this week…. not even ONE inkling of pressure. I get them 5-7 days each month. or should I say DID… when it is time for the temp to be removed we will determine the best way to correct my bite and my life will be migraine free. all the meds I ever tried had the same symptoms of the migraine. light and sound sensitivity, confusion, nausea and vomiting, exhaustion. I’m getting my life back. this video link here is regarding how the jaw has sooo much influence on the body. this is what made me decide to try this treatment. Just go to and it appears on the home page….. it is in the top left corner and you can click on and watch it on utube too. a guy draws caricatures thru most of it. enjoy 🙂 btw, it fixes ALL kinds of triggered migraines ( save for maybe those due to serious illness or trauma to the head)

  • Katie M. Golden moderator
    5 years ago

    I can hear the pain in your writing and it breaks my heart. We’ve all been at that place where we have no idea what to do next and feel alone.

    It seems like your Migraines are typically centered around your period. Here’s some info about Menstrual Migraines.
    If you have a regular cycle, you might think about preparing for your Migraines every month since you know roughly when it may occur. Make sure you have enough meds on hand. Is your fridge stocked? Don’t schedule anything on your social calendar around that time. Can you work extra the days leading up to it so that you’re not stressed when you have to miss a few days? Do whatever you have to in order to make it easier on you during the Migraine days.

    Are you on preventative medications? Do you have a neurologist or a Headache Specialist that you see regularly? There are so many options out there to try to prevent or alleviate the Migraines, but it can be a long process to find the right treatment plan for you. Herbs and natural supplements such as Feverfew and Magnesium may help to prevent headaches, yoga and acupuncture may help, and triptans like Imitrex or Frova could abort an attack.
    I’m not sure what you’ve tried in the past, but there are always new ways to approach the disease.

    Please ask questions of the community and of your doctor. You are not defeated!

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