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Having suffered migraine attacks for over fifty years, since the age of twenty, these disappearing whilst pregnant but returning with more frequency and more severity three day attacks out of every week after giving birth, I have been there, done that, tried that and suffered that. And, yes, I have been to the Princess Margaret Migraine Clinic in London, Addenbrooke’s Pain Clinic, seen specialists both on the NHS and privately, been in therapy (were my attacks psychosomatic?) and taken all medications offered, ranging from 150 pain killers a month (for years), through to anti-convulsants, only partly relieving disabling symptoms by a combination of triptans and Paramax (to keep my stomach working). Alongside migraine, I have bipolar 2, mostly manifesting itself in depression for which I take atypical antipsychotics and antidepressants. To complicate life a little more my husband has Asperger’s and our three, now adult children, have variations on bipolar and Asperger’s. Life is not simple! However, since watching video clips presented by the Migraine Summit I decided to try something I hadn’t heard of in terms of alleviation of migraine symptoms and attacks … vitamin B2, 400mg daily. Much to my surprise, over the past month, my attacks have become much less severe and less frequent. The presentation of attacks now manifests itself in the usual stomach stopping working, nausea and depression, for which I take Paramax, whilst waiting to see if the usual “knife behind my right eye, nausea and prostration” symptoms takes over. Strangely this progression has become much less and the attacks I have now are easily managed by taking 50mg sumatriptan, alongside the Paramax. I now find myself in a state of disbelief … could this be a placebo effect which has never resulted over the past 50 years? However, my daughter (43) who also suffers from migraine, is finding the same thing … she hasn’t had an attack for the past three weeks! To those of you out there suffering this truly disabling illness/disease … perhaps it’s worth trying B2? Whatever else my heart goes out to you all, not only for your suffering, but also in this often held belief that migraine is “just a headache“.

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  • Luna
    2 years ago

    In the first place there is NO known CURE. They haven’t even pinned down the cause.
    I was introduced to the National Headache Foundation newsletter somewhere around 1990 because of their article recommending daily B2 400mg and magnesium supplements. I took that for years but still episodic attacks became more frequent. It is my opinion that only if my body needs it may it help. That said since it may help because it does some it is worth trying weighing any risk. I’ve got awkward thinking today and keep hitting wrong keys. Courage.

  • DonnaFA moderator
    2 years ago

    Hi rossbow13,

    Thanks so much for being here and sharing your experience with us. How wonderful that you have received significant relief. It seems to coincide with the information contained in the article linked under B2 above, with 45% of the tribe reporting significant relief. I’d definitely recommend reading the article for information on possible side effects and cautions, and of course, checking with your doctor before adding B2 to your treatment protocol.

    Thanks again so much for sharing! We’re glad you’re here. -Warmly, Donna ( team)

  • rossbow13 author
    2 years ago

    Thanks for your positive comments, although after a day of badly managed migraine I’m not feeling so positive … my mismanagement and denial I really was going into an attack!, so it serves me right! Having read most of the academic reports on B2 I realise no one seems to know why or how it works, but what will be revealing is whether it continues to decrease attacks and their severity in the longer term. I’m about to introduce Co-enzyme Q10 to the mix which might muddy the waters but, in optimistic state of mind, I will see what happens. When Oliver Sacks, in the 70’s produced his tome on migraine he said he would eat his hat if his theory of it “all being in the mind” was disproved. We have, thankfully, gone a long way past this naive and unhelpful theory! Kind regards to all your good work out there!

  • DonnaFA moderator
    2 years ago

    Hi rossbow13, I’m so sorry to hear you’ve had a bad day. I don’t think any of us deserve it, or that it’s fair to say it serves you right (just don’t be a fly on the wall in my house when things feel like they’re spinning out of control – I am much better at being gentle with others than being gentle with myself, :D). I think there are lots of factors that no one can understand, that affect how we feel or the crazy myriad of responss our bodies have to stimulus. As Luna said, there is no known cure, but when something provides that much of a mark on a significant portion of the population, it’s worth a chat with the doc.

    I thought I’d mention, by the way that we have several articles on CoQ10 you might want to browse. And again, please do check with your doctor if before changing or adding to your treatment protocol. I’m sending warm wishes for a gentle evening and a better day tomorrow. We’re always here to share a cheerful, supportive word. – Warmly, Donna ( team)

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