Cranio Sacral Therapy

Last updated: June 2022

I have had migraines since childhood, maybe once a year with aura ( squigly lights and loss of peripheral vision ) up until my mid 40's.

Approximately 4 years ago I developed a sharp increase in migraines but without aura. I had been in a car accident with whip lash, however, the increase didn't begin until 6 or so months after the accident. I was also in perimenopause, so, the headaches were blamed on "hormones".

I tried EVERYTHING including multiple preventative and rescue medications, steroids, accupucture, chiro, naturopathic tx, occipital nerve block, botox, physical therapy and strict diet changes with very little relief.

I had a headache approx 5 days per week, 4-8 on the pain scale. I was never convinced that my headaches were "hormonal", but somehow related to my neck, even though my Neurologist insisted they were not since I had a normal neurological exam. By the grace of God, a friend told me about a physical therapist and message therapist who practices cranio sacral therapy. I had my first treatment 6 weeks ago and GUESS WHAT?! I have NOT had more than 7 headaches since!! Initially, it made me profoundly tired...but that is OKAY with me!! This man and his skilled hands and huge heart have given me my life back!!

For those of you who have tried it all, please consider cranio sacral therapy and DO NOT give up!!

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