Crying in pain, Alone in the dark!!!!!

Last updated: October 2013

I remember lying in bed holding my head as it throbbed and I was so nauseous,but at that point I didn't know it was a migraine. I had headaches a lot but not this severe I thought for sure my head was going to explode.

I was newly married and I did not want to worry my husband with what I thought was a simple headache. I tried everything i could think of but this just was not going away. How much more of this could I take I could not drive myself to the hospital and my husband was not home yet but the pain so I decided to call my PCP. After describing the symptoms he explained it was a migraine. That was my first documented migraine but hardly the last.

I am in my fifties and still suffer from those horrible migraines. I have been through a lot in my life but dealing with Chronic Migraines has been the toughest.

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