My Migraine Story

Last updated: April 2013

I'm currently 13 and I had my first migraine 5 years ago when I was 8. The first one I had was during school after lunch. After that, they reoccurred over and over again soon after eating at school. I think the migraines probably had something to do with consuming sugary sweets.

My migraines first consisted of only pain in my head and slight sinus pain which made it hard to concentrate on my schoolwork. I would always end up throwing up as a result of the pain.

My mom would have to pick me up from school because I had and still have difficulties with swallowing pills that would help the pain. It became a huge problem because Mom couldn't keep leaving work to pick me up from school and I think she started to get suspicious that I just wanted to get out of school.  I felt guilty about getting migraines that caused so many problems for my mom and tried hard to deal with and bear them. It came to where at times I'd have multiple migraines in a week that lasted for about 5 hours. The only thing that helped was sleep and my mom reluctantly picked me up to take me home for gatorade and a nap when she could.

Fortunately, years later, my mom and my family seem to better understand I can't help getting migraines. They all try to help when I don't feel well.

My migraines that I get now start with a light glare or flickering light. That is always what starts it and it happens a lot. When I see either, a glare or flicker, my vision starts to get tiny spots, that are like when you stare at the sun too long and you see little darting flecks that eventually go away, but mine don't. When this happens, my stomach drops because I know a migraine is soon to follow.

In about ten minutes, the pain in my head starts and the spots get worse. I start to get tunnel vision and I can't concentrate on much of anything at all due to the excruciating head pain and awful puky feeling in my stomach.

At this time I start to really react to light sounds, smells, and sounds. I hate when people wear perfume because it's awful being around them when I have a migraine. I really try to avoid scented things for myself because I don't want to smell it when I get migraines.

I know that when I get a migraine I need to puke because it seems to give me relief for a few minutes and help stop the overall pain after several times puking. I don't know why. It's a love/hate relationship I have with the puking that helps the pain. It really does help stop the migraine but it's embarrassing because apparently, people told me this, it's hard for another person not to laugh when I throw up because it sounds "like I'm faking it" and "dying a horrific death." Yeah, because that's funny.

I've actually been hospitalized before because I took a prescribed barbituate that was way too much of a prescription. It was super scary because I was really disoriented and essentially high on the medication. I was confused and blacking out every 5 minutes. The whole experience was definitely not fun. My mom was so scared. They didn't know if I'd had a seizure or not because of my syptoms. Luckily, I ended up being fine.

I have hope that in the future my migraines will eventually subside or go away completely. They've become less frequent, which is great.  For now I just have to deal with them.


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