Describing the loss of cognitive memory to others

Last updated: January 2013

How I liken it to common, every-day objects and concepts to enable understanding -- Briefly, the way that I help the people in my world to gain understanding about what I'm going through in my "migraine world" is to try to liken my circumstances to everyday concepts.

For instance, one day, as I watched my son preparing dinner while I was sitting at the table and grappling with pain, I noticed him standing at the sink straining pasta. It occurred to me then that my brain was much like that pasta: as the grain previously held water to help it cook (much like brain cells aid in cognitive function), the straining of the pasta was draining the water (as our brains drain the cells through the pain process).

Similarly, when we dose ourselves with medications to placate our pain, the drugs have the effect of drawing the blinds against the sun that was previously being allowed to shine into the room, allowing enlightenment and brightness.

Now, as the pain is quelled, so is the brightness. We no longer have the ability to see the sun.

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