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Every day

For the past three weeks I have experienced CONSTANT migraine (up till then I was getting one nearly everyday for the past few months). I had to be taken to A&E the other day it got so bad. Nothing found, just classic and truly chronic migraine. I wake up, go about my day (if you can call it that), then go to sleep, all in pain. They have been building in their rate and intensity over the course of the past two years. Tried beta blockers, triptans, RNase inhibitor, acupuncture, epilim chrono, a couple of antidepressants, massage therapy, psychotherapy, isolating food and environment triggers, painkillers, exercising, diet revision, TENS, nothing works.

I am twenty one years old and I feel like my life has been stolen from me. Don’t ask me how I’m managing, because I have absolutely no clue. I forget what it’s like to feel normal.

I would happily relinquish any aspirations I might have left if I could just feel healthy again.

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  • Justamy
    5 years ago

    You poor thing. I could have written exactly what you did. A month ago I hit rock bottom and started the program from Heal Your Headache. It might have saved my life. I am so much better. You are on so many drugs, you have to be caught in rebound hell. Please try it. Order it now and read it ASAP. It is the ONLY thing that has helped me in 21 years.

  • margaret
    5 years ago

    Hi David, I’m so sorry to hear about your suffering. I’m sure you hear of LOTS of remedies and treatments but I feel obligated to let others know what has worked for ME. It’s been my miracle and although you say you have tried acupuncture this treatment is very different. I will leave that up to you to decide but here is a link to an article about the treatment.
    Best of luck and I hope that you will find an end to your suffering. Margaret

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