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Well my family has suffered from migraines as long as I can remember. Fortunately they didn’t start affecting me until I hit 39.

The most common starts in a shoulder and works its way up my neck and over my cranium down to an eye-or two. They tend to hang around for up to four days and put me down with ice and meds for at least two of those days. Sometimes I’m lucky and catch the beginning of the migraine and start the meds immediately and most times it does help stop it from achieving full blown status.

Lights, stress and sometimes just out of thin air, they come at me. The last two years I’ve been taking two new meds prescribed by my neurologist and they’re to “head migraines off at the pass”. I’ve noticed a decline in the number of migraines hitting me each month.

My wife understands and does her best to help me get the rest, meds, ice and quiet I need to deal with the bad ones and that is a blessing.

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