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Feeling Crazy

I had my first migraine when I was 11. I remember seeing a spinning ball in front of me. I kept trying to grab at it. I thought it was so funny and I told my mom. She told me to go to sleep right away.

I thought she was crazy. That was, until the pain hit. I was sitting in the dark with my stomach rolling and thinking my head was going to split open.

Since that time, I have had migraines off and on. I average about one a month. I learned to fall asleep immediately to get away from the pain. But after I had kids, I had to be awake to take care of them. So, I finally went to the doctor. I was told once a month migraines were not serious enough to be on any daily medicine. Excuse me???? Doesn’t he realize how much this is affecting me????

To have a job, I have to be there. Most employers will not tolerate an employee missing one day a month for a migraine. And a majority also do not really understand a migraine is not some simple headache.

He put me on Imitrex which makes me throw up and I can’t drive because I am so dizzy. But at least the pain in manageable.

So here I sit. Unable to keep a job because my migraines are not bad enough to need daily meds or to be considered disabled, but they are bad enough for me to know what real pain means.

Hopefully, some solution will come soon.

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  • Janice Worden Lamb Clemens
    7 years ago

    You are not crazy and a true migraineur feels your pain…..I have the daily migraine, but have to work or I would lose my home, with my husband just finishing up chemo, he’s been out of work…don’t give up and find a good doctor!

  • Michelle Stewart Lambert
    7 years ago

    I am in the same boat. I have daily headaches, but the migraines are about once a month. I’ve had one co-worker say that they wish that they could stay home with a headache, because I’ve had to do that a couple of times. Most people do not understand that these are not simple headaches–they are complex and very very painful. You’re not much good to anyone if you cannot focus or think straight, right? Only a fellow migraine sufferer understands this.

  • Jennifer Evans
    7 years ago

    I totally understand! Migraines can be very painful. There were times where I have had them last for 3 days.

  • Angela Reisinger
    7 years ago

    You are not crazy…. thought the doctors would have you think so. They say these things becaue they don’t believe you or they don’t understand. It has taken me awhile to wrap my head around it but I am finally starting to get it. We do have to keep supporting one another and get the word out so that our families and doctors will have to accept what we are going through and respect this as a real disease! I have headaches almost daily and migraines weekly and was also rejected by disablility because they did not consider this a disability. I do firmly believe that these people have no understanding of how it affects our lives and the pain we overcome.

  • Brian Blaylock
    7 years ago

    Fits me the same. Friends and families just don’t get it and it really gets under my skin. Most people I talk to about migraines will say dumb crap like theres no way you have a headache everyday or migraines that often. These types of individuals I really would like to just place in my body for a few days and I’m sure they would not feel the same when they feel the pain we all suffer with.

  • Wendy Lee Hilliker
    7 years ago

    I don’t know if you are in the US, but if so, make sure you look into FMLA. It will protect your job even if you can’t get disability. Also, please keep looking for a good doctor – there are many more meds that you can try. I have tried many – both preventative and acute – and have been unsuccessful with most, but please keep trying. If your doctor is not taking this seriously, then find another – and it doesn’t have to be a neurologist – my family practioner has been more helpful than most neurologists I have seen. Just find someone that will take this seriously and work with you. Also, keep track and document your migraines – it may help you and/or your doc identify triggers, track meds tried, etc. I document what I ate, the weather (this is my bad trigger), activities, menses, and any meds (even not related to migraine). Don’t give up!

  • Latrese Conaway
    7 years ago

    It’s so sad how we suffer from these headaches.. I take florinal.
    It works great. Those who don’t get migraines need too in order to understand our pain.

  • Nikki Maxwell
    7 years ago

    I left my office job 7 years ago in part because the train of meds I was on was concerning me and not really fixing the problem. I don’t have insurance any more, so I’ve had to find ways to deal beyond the drug companies. It is hard because I can’t really hold a regular job, even with meds. Maybe I could again. I also have three kids which adds to the madness in my life. So many barriers. I’ve thought about trying for disability a time or two and decided that I really need to focus on ways to earn money from home. Try sites like to see options of jobs you might be able to do from home. It’s interesting. I know for me controlling my environment helps a lot. In any case, hang in there. We know your pain.

  • Amy Riley-Gilles
    7 years ago

    The only thing that works is vicodin for me I average 3 aweek migraines but my dr says he thinks im addicted dunno what to do

  • Kristine Belis
    7 years ago

    There are so many more medications than imitrex. Tr!!y different ones

  • Dorothy Ann Wiggins
    7 years ago

    the frequency doesn’t matter much to anyone. I have headaches most days and MIGRAINES at least 2 a week, sometimes I can’t tell if it ever goes away.. but because I was able to take care of myself it was not classified as “Disabling”. I worked but had issues, brain fog and visual disturbances causing errors and mistakes, getting lost and finally the fatigue and sleep disturbance spun other health issues into a mess. You have to be your own advocate, research and DOCUMENT in objective ways, frequency, length and intensity. Try to identify patterns, triggers and ANYTHING that helps. All medications are synthetic and have side effects and risks. Try natural alternatives and be committed to your health. Vitamin deficiencies and digestive problems have revealed themselves to be the culprit of my health issues. Eventually someone will “See” and join your efforts. I have battled headaches, Migraines, Fibromyalgia, PUBLIC OPINION, family and friends disbelief and opinions for 20 years. It does get better. FACTS are Facts however “inconvenient” and unpopular they are still the reality. Support groups help and blogs and Facebook have been my saving grace. Keep on keeping on, Now your limits and share you story.

  • Dan Levesque
    7 years ago

    That is the most you will get from society. No one believes us. I have delt with that notion since the age 15, now 41. Only us migraineurs can be supportive of eachother as we are going through them. I would never wish these on anyone, but I do think a good day’s worth of a MIGRAINE for reality to every none migraineur would open the doors to more options for us. But, I am not one to share these, as I would never wish them on anyone else.

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