Last updated: September 2018

I have had migraines since I was 18 and I am now 50. I had daily headaches forever and most of my migraines were hormonal during that time of the month. about 9 years ago I went on the Blood Type Diet and my daily headaches went away. I still struggled with migraines though. I don't eat any processed food. I had been told that as soon as I went though menopause I should feel better since my mom did. I have not had that time of the month for 3 years and I am worse.

I also have Hashimoto's and had thyroid cancer so I had my thyroid removed 4 years ago. That is when the daily headaches came back and migraines got more frequent. I have tried almost everything. I refuse to do Botox, but I did get some injections in my neck about a year ago that did nothing.I have done all the preventives none of them have not worked. I tried a gluten free diet, acupuncture, I try to avoid triggers. I take magnesium, B2 and other supplements every day. I'm at the point where I may have to give up my part time job.

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