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Getting tired of no head pain relief

Hello. My name is Donna and I’m 56 years old. I’ve experienced headaches/migraines since I was 9. Would get them weekly as a child, less frequently after I had my son 24 years ago and worsened again when I hit menopause. My most recent head pain issue occurred not long after my spontaneous right frontal hemorrhagic stroke October/November 2014. I am lucky to be a stroke survivor with no residual deficit, however, have now gained a new type of headache/migraine. For the past year I have been living (and at times struggling) with a chronic right sided headache 24/7. Each day brings a different level of pain. Have seen 2 neurologists, 2 chiropractors, tried numerous prescription medications, physical therapy, reiki, trigger point injections with no relief. I am seeing another specialist next week. He is physical medicine rehab with experience in neurology and is licensed in acupuncture. Am looking forward to seeing him. I feel I am running out of options. Has anyone also experienced this? Get tired of missing out on life because of head pain and people not understanding because it’s normally not visible on the outside. Thank you all for your time.

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  • Natasha KArishma
    3 years ago

    I am facing the same problem as you have described. I am only 23 and have chronic headache 24/7. I’ve diagnosed with migraine in 2007. 2 years ago I got cluster headache and last year I diagnosed with Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia( also known as ATN). I found that I have scalp tenderness and later I learnt that it is called Allodynia. All of these headaches are on the left side of my brain. Sometimes I get confused which headache is going on my head because most of the time I face several headaches at a time. I tried every possible treatments to control my headache but I have not found any improvement. I am still so young to handle all types of headaches at a time. I am depressed, I am leading a miserable life. I have seen 4 neurologist, 2 neuro-medicine specialist, tried MRA, MRI, CT Scan, and all possible tests. They found nothing. At first every doctor thinks that I have Brain tumor or cancer or something worse like that but, they found nothing. It is very difficult for me to do daily activities. I am helpless, it’s like my life is cursed with pain and frustration.
    All I can do to pray to God and nothing else.

  • Hope and a Prayer
    3 years ago

    I began having 24/7 headaches only 2 years ago; I can’t imagine having lived with migraine for as long as you have. The fact that you reached out to this community and you keep trying to find solutions tells me you are strong. When I’m feeling like giving up the fight, which happens too often, I will remember your strength.
    I hope that your appointment with the specialist brings you relief and allows you to get more out of your life.

  • wdjbaxter
    3 years ago

    You are certainly not alone on the daily head pain with no relief. It is mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausting. And if you haven’t been thru it, then you don’t understand. People fake sympathy, but then they ask you to go do something that you can’t do with a migraine.
    I am only 37 and cannot imagine living the rest of my life this, but I think that is my burden to bear. Some days I am resigned to it, some days I am angry, and some days I am accepting. It depends on my depression, another joy of my migraines.
    I too have been thru doctor after doctor, unfortunately for me, migraine specialists are not anywhere nearby. I plan on seeing one eventually, but will have to plan way ahead.
    I too hate missing out on life, especially since I still have teenagers at home. I spend a lot of time suffering silently while out and about so they don’t miss out. But, when that isn’t possible I am very lucky to have very support parents that help me out. But the mother guilt never goes away.
    I don’t have any solutions or great words of wisdom, but at least you aren’t alone. I now that I have found some comfort in that. Until I found this community I really thought it was just me, my mom, and my daughter in our state. No one else I had ever heard of suffered from them.

  • Jenn Lebowitz
    3 years ago

    Hi Donna –

    Thanks so much for sharing your story here – we’re so sorry for what you’ve been going through.

    While you may get more feedback on personal experience from the community, I wanted to let you know that you’re certainly not alone in feeling like you’re running out of options – I thought these articles might be helpful with this experience: and and

    Additionally, I notice that you’ve seen many specialists – and kudos to you for taking such amazing care of yourself while in so much pain!!! That’s no easy feat. I was wondering if you’ve ever seen a migraine specialist (which can differ from neurologists) and thought you might find this articles helpful in that regard: and if you haven’t seen one already, this might be helpful:

    You’re not alone in this – please do keep us posted on how you’re doing. We’d love to hear from you any time, and we’re wishing you our best for your upcoming appointment!

    Jenn (Community Manager,

  • jpg833
    3 years ago

    Has your neurologist considered CADASIL (cerebral autosomal dominant arteriopathy with subcortical infarcts and leukoencephalopathy). I have posted briefly regarding this condition on another thread. CADASIL can present with a miraine which changes after the first TIA/stroke.

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