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Around 2am I was drifting off to sleep (after getting home from flying all day) when a gunshot went off in my head.

It was definitely a gunshot with an echo. I actually flinched and woke up confused. I have never had this happen. I had a level 10 migraine all day with vomiting. I had to drive to the airport and take two planes to get home. Cambia finally knocked it down to a 3 while on the plane and I finally got home. Is there anyone out there that has experienced this?

I was under stress I guess from flying and had attended my grandfather’s funeral. I didn’t feel stressed but I guess it is anyway.

The gunshot really scared me. It didn’t hurt but definitely jarred me.

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  • 1headcase
    4 years ago

    I have ideas- two, from personal experience.
    1) After flying from Anchorage to Fresno with a stuffy head cold, and migraine that “gunshot” was the pressure equalising in my ears- I had not burst an eardrum but the ER doc said he hadn’t ever seen an ear canal bruised almost to the outside of the ear before.
    2) After about three weeks of continuous headache/on&off w/migraine my skull “snapped”, then the pain gradually faded. Later-after talking to a cranio-sacral adjuster/massage therapist I suspect one of my skull sutures had gotten “out-of-line”- not usual for a 45 yr old but evidently it happens…?
    I wish you the best-

  • Melissa author
    4 years ago

    So sorry for your experience. Thank you for replying.
    My gunshot sound didn’t have any pain or injury accompanying it.
    The sound was undeniable and made me flinch as one would if really firing a gun.
    I’m adding the experience to the list of migraine symptoms.
    I found articles online calling it exploding head syndrome.

  • Katie M. Golden moderator
    4 years ago

    Calling it a gunshot is the most visceral way to describe a Migraine to someone who doesn’t have them.

    But did you actually hear a loud noise and the Migraine came back in full force right after? I don’t know that I’ve heard of anyone describing that kind of aura, but auditory hallucinations can definitely be part of a Migraine. Most people describe it as hearing music or voices that aren’t there. But the gunshot could be considered to be in this category too.

    Since this is a new experience for you, I suggest you talk to your doctor. Any time something different happens I recommend a doc visit.

    I also get Migraines sometimes while traveling, just the stress of travel can bring it on. So sorry you are experiencing!

  • Melissa author
    4 years ago

    Thanks for reading and replying. I did contact my neurologist and said that hallucinating can include hearing things that are not there. I do hear music and conversations sometimes ask my husband if he hears it too. Now I know if he can’t hear it then I’m going to have a migraine. But this gunshot experience was loud and penetrating. Undeniable.
    I guess I’ll just have to add it to the ever growing list of migraine symptoms.

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