Heredity and migraines

Last updated: December 2013

As bad as the pain of Migraines are to me and I speak from serious experience since I never remember NOT having had mother said I was around 6 weeks old when the doctors thought I had my first pains me even more to see my children and grandchildren having them. I have only one child out of four that doesn't have the classic migraine, the cluster Migraine and the plain old Migraine, which some older people used to call a "sick headache". The one that doesn't have the classic Migraine has Migrianes from a brain injury sustained in an auto accident and being in a coma for two months. Three of my four granddaughters have migraines and all three of my grandsons have them. The only granddaughter that doesn't have classic. Migraines still has some pretty seriously painful headaches that I am pretty sure would be classified as Migraines. My husband had Migraines until a few years ago. His mother had Migraines. My mother had Migraines, her mother had Migraines, her sisters had Migraines. No matter what kind of Migraine you have I feel pretty sure it is because one or more of your parents has them also. I have spent so much time in my lifetime in bed with a Migraine that at one point in my life I Iost muscle mass from not being able tomove around and exercise enough. My biggest rigger in the food category has always been milk chocolate. Odors get to me. Stress is a bad trigger, but the Migraine doesn't hit while the stress is going on hits after it is over and I begin to unwind and relax a little. Am I a Migraine expert....not exactly...but at 63 years old and still having them occasionally...and after having taken every prescription Migraine medicine on the market for many years, until I discovered an alternative medication without the side effects...I feel like I do know quite a bit about Migraines. I have researched every thing I could get my hands for many years even way before the Internet. I would ask my doctors to please let me know when any new info came out about them. I would peruse the library, i would ask everyone I knew if they had heard anything new. When the internet came out I immediately started searching for any info i could find. It has been a long hard climb out of the depths of despair and pain and at times I was ready to just throw in the towel and give up. I would pray and beg God to take the pain away and would go to sleep praying. God answered those prayers the day he put that paper in front of me to read. It was my miracle. It has worked for me for over 15 years now and now if I feel a Migraine coming on instead of panicking, running for the shower and climbing in bed with all the pain killers I can get my hands on I reach for my bottle of Feverfew and a couple of Excedrin Migraine. Thirty minutes later...instead of three days later...I am usually up and running again. I have had an episode of throwing up with one inauite a while. All I can hope for is that something in my stories can help someone who suffers as I did for so many years. Do I still have them....YES I DO...but I have finally learned how to handle them. No side effects or danger from prescription drugs.

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