Hope in the midst of migraine pain

Last updated: September 2018

I got my 1st migraine when I was 18. I was on my way home to visit my family.  I was super excited since I was a freshman in college and missed them terribly.  After the first one I noticed that I got migraine when I was really excited about something happending in my life or super stressed.   Taking Imitrex and sleeping would be the cure and I would be back to "normal" life.

Until I turned 30 then wammo, I started getting severe, debilitating migraines that would last days and sometime weeks. I had one episode last over 30 days. I was going into my physician everyday for shots of Torodol and Phergan, while continuing to take Percocet to survive.  After 30 days my doc sent me to the hospital to see if IV meds for a few days would break this episode.   I was in the hospital for 7 days and saw 4 different neuro docs.  They gave me Duladed and Phenergen every few hours.  They also started my on Predisone and Depekote.  I was already taking Topomax, so they upped my dose of that.  I felt like i had been run over my a truck!  I was not myself.  After 7 days they sent me home. My migraine was much better but with all the meds in my system I had a long road to go to get back to "normal".   After I got home, I had a really hard time taking care of myself.  I couldn't dress or feed myself.  I was falling down stairs. I couldn't drive or work.  The side effects of all the medicines were ruining my life.  After visiting my regular physician it turned out that the side effects were caused by the Depoekote.  As soon as all the toxins left my body, I was back to normal!  Thank God!

I still suffer from extreme migraines. I am seeing a new migraine specialist and we are trying a new diet to remove and unknown triggers. We are trying to get insurance approval for Botox. I also see my Chiropractor once a week.  Migraines are horrible, but at least I can hold on to hope that there is relief sometime in my future!!!

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