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This House Is My Prison

My home is a safe place,
But this house is my prison.
I can control the surroundings,
But my surroundings control me.
I can be at peace here,
But I’m living a nightmare.
The solitude can be addicting,
But I crave for someone.
The pain echoes in my veins,
But the silence is deafening.
The beauty of the sun,
Leaves me running to the dark.
The wonderful smell of dinner,
Makes me dread whats next.
My body craves the light,
But my head needs the dark.
My body needs sleep,
But my head can’t stop running.
My home is a safe place,
But this house is my prison.

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  • deedeevee1
    7 months ago


  • Soulwalker2015
    8 months ago

    Wow. You describe the struggle with Migraine so well. I am sharing this on FaceBook for awareness month, you did such a great job capturing everything. {{Hugs}}

  • Holly H.
    8 months ago

    Tracked with the word pictures you drew so well. My little apartment is my nest for which I am so grateful; but sometimes I would love to get out of this little nest and fly – even for just a little while.

  • glassmind
    9 months ago


    Beautiful poetry.

    Thank you for slipping your words between the cracks of my cell’s walls.

  • Joanna Bodner moderator
    9 months ago

    Thank you for sharing so eloquently what I feel SO many can relate very well to. 🙁 The home certainly provides a much needed safe space, but the extreme feelings of isolation can become extreme. This was a very emotional, beautiful & accurate depiction of what so many battle. Thank you for helping to let others know they are not alone in these feelings.

  • Luna
    9 months ago

    My house is a safe place, a place of comfort but at times it feels like a prison. Can relate to that real well.

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