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Last updated: April 2013

The women in my family have migraines.

My migraines became more complicated by a car accident that left me with a severe whiplapsh at the age of nineteen. I am now 55 years old and continue to have two to three headaches a week when the barometer changes. I have tried Botox to no avail.

I use a variety of prophelactic medications that help substantially and Imitrex to abort headaches.

However, I can still have a headache that is a nine or ten in intensity every other week. I HATE that my insurance limits my access to Imitrex. I'd like them to try to limit heart medicine for heart disease or insulin for a diabetic. Those folks would die. But they will allow me to die in pain because they can "control" my medication because my pain won't KILL me. I'd like AETNA or Blue Cross/Blue Shield to have a migraine every week!

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