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Last updated: June 2013

I’m 16 and I’ve been having migraines since a little before I turned 14. They greatly impact my life. Ever since we started this battle I realized that I would never be normal again. Going through med after med I’m getting exhausted. It affects every aspect of my life.

I always hope to be a regular teen but it doesn’t happen. I can’t go out whenever I want or keep plans like everyone else. None of my friends understand the severity of it. They think that I can just take a pill, or sleep it off. I can’t eat the things that my friends eat. I just can’t be normal. I’ve missed more than 12 days of school.

My grades suffer a lot. It’s gotten so bad that we’ve considered Botox. The only one in my family that grasps the toll it takes on me is my mother. But sometimes she doesn’t even get it. It’s just a tiring battle and I’m working through it the best I can. Everyone needs to know that it’s not just another headache; it’s a disease that we cannot control. We wish we could be there for everything and do normal activities but we cant. We can’t help it.

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