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Just Tried Aimovig

Just self-injected Aimovig three weeks ago. Zero results. But I’ll keep trying and will keep posting my results. Getting kinda desperate over here, fellas. Thirty years of DAILY intractable pain and even sumatriptan is proving ineffective now…..

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  • katetyndall
    9 months ago

    Lincperez, I too had zero results when I tried Aimovig (70mg) at the end of August. In fact my daily migraines increased to the point where my usual daily dose of 5mg of Zomig doubled to 10mg. To say I was unhappy is a vast understatement.

    My neurologist wanted me to receive the maximum dose of 140mg, so that was what I received for the second month. Same scenario as August…until just the last couple of days. I had one day when I took NO rescue meds at all, and the following day, only 2.5mg of Zomig. Small steps yes, but I am encouraged.

    Before this happened, I spoke with my neurologist, and we decided to stop the Aimovig, and move on to Ajovy (fremanezumab), the second of the CGRP antagonists to be FDA approved (there is now a third, Emgality aka galcanezumab).

    I’ll discuss how to proceed when I see my neurologist later this month.

    All this is just to say that our responses to these new meds is as individual as we are, so don’t despair if you don’t the immediate results as some people have. If my very recent improvement under Aimovig proves a fluke, that’s okay, because there are other CGRP antagonists available, and I can always circle back to Aimovig if necessary.

  • Anne
    11 months ago

    I did two doses at once – 140 ml in my doctor’s office and it’s working! After migraines every other day, I’ve been migraine free for four days – which is a miracle for me. I feel like a migraine is trying to kick in, but then it goes away. Fingers crossed.

  • patf2s3
    12 months ago

    I did my first amovig shot this week and ever since I have had one of my really bad migraines where I get sharp pains behind my eyes that just won’t go away. I just hope it doesn’t last for 30 days as I know that the shit is every 30 days. I was really hoping this was going to be something that was going to work for me I suffer from daily chronic migraines but this pain behind my eyes is unbearable and being sick to my stomach ever since I did the shot. I just don’t think anything is ever going to help me.

  • nana55
    1 year ago

    So, it’s me, nana55. I am so EXCITED to say I have had a life for the first time in 2 years since this month’s Aimovig injection last week! !!! I have had migraine pain this week, but not to the extent I have had. I have actually been able to volunteer for my church’s Vacation Bible School. … and then not have to cancel. … all 3 days so far! ! I am jumping up and down, screaming from the rafters with joy! I signed up to HELP with food, expecting to have to cancel at least one night. Well- I am not just a HELPER, I am actually being able to be the DIRECTOR of the food service for the program! !! I am shocked, amazed, and honestly wondering when the floor is going to fall out from under me because this “life” is so foreign to me right now! I have not been able to do ANY THING like this in many years and I know Aimovig is playing a HUGE role in this change! I hope and pray my life continues this way and I hope others also see relief. I am not claiming Aimovig caused my migraines to cease, because that is not the case. I still have pain, but I have been able to function more like a human and less like a bed weight ( holding bed in place by lying on it for hours at a time in cold dark room). I hope my story gives someone else the hope and encouragement to “push through it” a couple months to see if Aimovig is going to work for them. Patience is really hard when you are searching for relief we as migraine sufferers know, but unfortunately some medications take time to work in the body. For me, and according to what research I found others as well, Aimovig is one of those drugs. Stick with it for a couple months!!

  • daniellec
    1 year ago

    This is soul destroying to hear that aimovig is not working!!! Any updates? I’m starting it in September as a last resort and to hear it’s not working for people makes me feel like I have no end to this.

  • nana55
    1 year ago

    I am not only a severe migraine sufferer but also a nurse and find that unfortunately too many medical professionals forget that migraine people are PEOPLE!! WE have feelings ( besides pain… what a concept!) And to just let someone know that I hear you, believe ALL of what you are saying, and want to know about you and care about YOU. .. has an amazing impact on my daily life. And if it impacts me so positvely, even on those 9/10 days when
    I can’t even tell you what day time or planet I am on, then I know it will help someone like me as well maybe find a little hope too!

  • Nancy Harris Bonk moderator
    1 year ago

    Hi lincperez,

    Thank you for sharing your story with us. Try and be patient with the new medication, which I know is not easy. It can take a month or more to see results from this new medication.

    If this new CGRP medication doesn’t work, don’t despair. There are other CGRP medications coming out that work on different receptors which may work if Aimovig does not.

    Keep us posted,

  • nana55
    1 year ago

    I am sorry to hear you didn’t get any relief from Aimovig. I just did my 2nd month’s injection 2 days ago. I must say I did not see alot of improvement after my 1st injection month either, but I did notice my a LITTLE BIT of relief so figured I too would continue the injections. But I also looked deeper into the studies and found that it could take 4 to 6 months for optimum relief… ugh and double ugh but at least that means MAYBE JUST MAYBE I didn’t completely fail out of getting a good or great response from this drug… maybe this is the case for you as well? ?

  • Holly Baddour moderator
    1 year ago

    HI @nana55– just wanted to chime in to thank you for sharing such a warm (and informative) response here. It is so affirming to see our community come alive with compassion, kindness and comfort for one another. This topic is one that holds particular interest for many of us right now who are on pins and needles (literally!) waiting to see how this treatment so full of potential will play out. It’s very helpful to hear some reports from those who have had some time with it. Thanks for taking a moment to share and provide support to those in need! With gratitude- Holly

  • Lisa Robin Benson moderator
    1 year ago

    Hi Lincperez!

    You are exactly the person that I think so many of us are hoping meds like Aimovig will help! I do hope you find relief from it or something else. We totally understand your desperation. I know the waiting game is so so hard. Do know there are other drugs that will be on the market and Aimovig was just the first to come out. One of our contributors talked about being in a trial for a new abortive med. Anyway please keep in touch and let us know how it goes.

  • Joanna Bodner moderator
    1 year ago

    Thank you so much for taking the time to share this update with us. I do hope you continue to keep us updated on your status as there has been so much conversation and questions surrounding this treatment. Sending all my positive thoughts your way & that you will being to experience some relief & good results! Also, feel free to share within our forums too. We have a forum dedicated to these CGRPs which you can find here.

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