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lack of awareness

i have been suffering from migraine for the last 3 years, still am facing regular attacks with severity of pain all the time,

In asian countries like Pakistan, people have no awareness about this headache, majority of them think that its just a lame excuses to ran away from your responsibilities and obligations, just like the children who did it when they did not want to go to school,t hey gave lame excuses like headache,stomach etc…

They didn’t realize that migraine itself is a chronic disease, there is only survival, there is no proper treatment, i have tried a lots of meds, but no effects on me, for short period of time, they slow down your severity, but not curable,

Lack of awareness in asian countries, they treat it just like, you are mentally retarded, and you will not ever win with these headaches.

Do they even know what is migraine? whats the meaning of migraine,
Only few can understand what really migraine is? And the rest of the others they realize ,that you are mentally retarded, u can’t go ahead in your life further…no future for u.

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  • mahi author
    5 years ago

    Thankx kate, yes definately ther are culturer difrences,regarding migraine…..
    I sufferd alootttt, no one understdnd…
    I thnk those people who lvd in uk,usa etc are lucky in the sense atleast these countries realy understand the cndtn,the circumstances faced by migrainors…..
    Almost i lost my cnfidence level,my persnality,its realy dificult me to gain my cnfidence level again,especialy in that circumstances where no one undrstnd….

  • Katie M. Golden moderator
    5 years ago

    You bring up a point that I never thought of. There are cultural differences in how people view Migraines. Which only adds to the stigma that Migraineurs already face.

    How do you deal with it? Is your immediate family willing to listen to your struggle? Do they see how hard you work to balance life and Migraines? Would sharing information from this site help to educate them? You may want to read this post about the difficulties of getting family to understand:

    Even if your family never understands, I hope you know that through you have found a whole community of people who do understand and will support you. Take care!

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