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Living in limbo

Well I am 46 years old. Been living with migraines most of my life. Since I was a teenager. But just got over the latest one a week ago. It was with me this time for over a month. Until one day a customer I was waiting on gave me some information on a medicine and a Dr. The meds have helped big time.

But where do you start when living in life not ever getting a minute of peace from the skull crushing pain. Doctors look at you like your are crazy at times, or just fed up with the run around of meds that aren’t working. Dragging your limp body up just so you won’t get fired from your job.

I am scared to death of when the next one will come or if a simple headache is going to be the next big one again. This sucks so bad.

Headed 4 the light

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  • Cheryl Keast
    8 years ago

    Hiya Nessa!
    I have also been having them for many years and when I am having one I alsways feel as though I am going to lose my sight or have a fit or even a stroke they scare the sh*t out of me and for days even weeks after an attack I keep thinking can I see that writting ok… Always living in fear.xx We are not alone, I am so happy I have found this site as some people say oh its just a headache.. take a pill… and it is much much more than just a

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